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  2. StarshipAI

    Fixed broken link with direct upload. But it was this:
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  4. StarshipAI

    Where is the Emma Stone gif???
  5. Hlynurth

    If I had known that purging @Hlynurth from HABIT would have make him long in again/ getting dank frags and spend his time with the PAMFAM I would have suggested it a year ago, as he is the heart and soul of this alliance. Well played!
  6. StarshipAI

    Feel like brawling. Erect. Ready.
  7. I'm back!

    honestly didn't even read the first post
  8. I'm back!

    I was referring to real life moving you nerd STOP EATING HOT POCKETS AND GO OUTSIDE AND KISS A GUY!
  9. I'm back!

    That one time since you came in posession of a carrier
  10. I'm back!

    Wish I could, but who's gonna krab for me then?! On a serious note good to see you back fam Hope moving wasn't as aids for you as it's been for me every time I had to move
  11. I'm back!

    I will partake in a memorial fleet for xxxAlloxxx if you FC one.
  12. I'm back!

    Do you even partake in memorial fleets?
  13. I'm back!

    Nice, +1 to the EUTZ Morning Crew
  14. I'm back!

    Welcome home, fam!
  15. StarshipAI

    How do Hamsacs make you feel?.
  16. Ilya987 Solovey

    I sent api's - re-edited the application, added a great sound cloud, and answered the questions to the best of my ability.
  17. Ilya987 Solovey

    Go squat someplace else, you piece of nothing slav. ----- RUDE
  18. Ilya987 Solovey

    I will do my best and thank you for the vouch.
  19. Ilya987 Solovey

    I know i am not meeting expectation of this copr, i absolutely hate theorecrafting of fits. like HATE it (a lot).
  20. Ilya987 Solovey

  21. StarshipAI

    At this point I will switch to mayonnaise on strawberry cheesecake. I think the mayo would be hard to distinguish amid the loudness of strawberry and the sweetness of cheesecake. Ketchup in alfredo would be a real game changer and it might be the dominant flavor in the sauce.
  22. StarshipAI

    I updated the ketchup/mayo question my apologies friend. Deep dish pizza is already on the menu for me though so that's nice. I'll prob just take my chances with ketchup and fight anyone who tries to tell me otherwise.
  23. StarshipAI

    My suggestion is to do neither, and eat genuine Chicago pizza. But if you do eat their dogs, I suggest taking advantage of their unique flavor profiles and eat them as offered on the menu. You can put ketchup on hot dogs anywhere and it will be the same. Foregoing the Chicago ingredients while actually in Chicago is a missed opportunity. In fact - get two dogs. One in full Chicago style, and another one but add ketchup. See which one you like most, but make sure to moonwalk away regardless of their reaction to ketchup. Pasta with ketchup for sure. Doesn't even sound like a problem. Cake with mayonnaise would clash the savory and sweet aspects in a way that sounds like it might be a challenge to eat.
  24. StarshipAI

    actually i'm deeply scarred emotionally that my app included only the smallest amount of trolling. @StarshipAI this must mean they like you! i'm certain all this emotional damage can only be soothed by a proper roam with many frags @Avery Lewis GO T E A M! all jokes of coarse, please continue the process. plus i gotta get my posting rating up, obviously i should spent my flights randomly commenting on stuff
  25. StarshipAI

    So next weekend I'm going over to Chicago to meet up with an old friend of mine and just chill that weekend. I wanna get some of those Chicago dogs that people love to talk about but apparently putting ketchup on the dogs is considered a war crime in that city. Should I eat my dogs with ketchup anyways and not give a fuck or should I respect the locals and their odd ass culture? Also if you have a gun pointed to you head and you're forced to eat one of the following or else you end up dead, would you rather eat fettuccine alfredo with ketchup or mayonnaise on strawberry cheesecake?
  26. StarshipAI

    I was just finishing a candidate Marauder fit today. I've never flown this self made design, but would not be averse to the notion. This can be flown with a bare clone, but the price is such that it might as well be further augmented with implants. I have Marauders to V on two toons, missile and gunnery. I would much enjoy the opportunity to leverage these SP investments once again. [Golem, Stimulated Golem] Co-Processor II 'Full Duplex' Ballistic Control System 'Full Duplex' Ballistic Control System 'Full Duplex' Ballistic Control System Republic Fleet Target Painter X-Large Ancillary Shield Booster X-Large Ancillary Shield Booster X-Large Ancillary Shield Booster Gist A-Type Shield Boost Amplifier Large Micro Jump Drive Dread Guristas Warp Disruptor Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II 'Warhammer' Large EMP Smartbomb I Corpum A-Type Medium Energy Neutralizer Corpum A-Type Medium Energy Nosferatu Bastion Module I Large Processor Overclocking Unit I Large Processor Overclocking Unit I Warrior II x5 Valkyrie SW-600 x5 Scourge Precision Heavy Missile x1000 Scourge Fury Heavy Missile x1000 Navy Cap Booster 400 x81 Caldari Navy Mjolnir Heavy Missile x1000 Mjolnir Fury Heavy Missile x1000 Caldari Navy Nova Heavy Missile x1000 Nova Precision Heavy Missile x1000 I interpreted the original question "Why does it have two Tracking Enhancers" as a challenge to justify having them, not as a challenge to fit it differently using only one and then replacing it with another module of any category. My answer was meant to convey that it will apply better with two, even if you replaced one with more raw DPS. I knew the graph would still show better application if I changed it to three Gyros, but the original question didn't suggest such a refit. In fact i almost posted the graph with 3 Gyros on it, but chose to go with what I thought would be improved visual readability. I actually thought I might get trolled for adding a third Gyro when the original question made no suggestion to do so. Ah, an excellent question. My feeling on these topics have evolved much over the years. When I was new, and in high sec, I was influenced by my peers of the time to hate ganking, scamming, and griefing. I've been trolling since the 90's, so that has only ripened with age. My present day feelings with ganking is that it adds a valuable element to the game. Scamming does not bother me as long as it's actually clear if you read and look closely what you are actually clicking on. I do retain some degree of frowning upon scamming PLEX, because that is potential game time, and I do not support reducing player activity. To expand on that, I support griefing only to the extent that it does not drive players away from EVE. CCP is after all running a business and I want to see it continue. I was once griefed (as a very new noob) in a wormhole so hard that my vision seemed to blur. I experienced genuine adrenaline rage. But it was completely deserved, and well within the context of what EVE is. It was not an attempt to ruin the game, it was a hilarious way to kill someone that was in way over their head back when wspace was brand new. I have not participated in any suicide ganks, or scams. I'm trying to think of anything I've done that counts as griefing, and can't think of anything.
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  28. StarshipAI

    @StarshipAIhow do you feel about trolling, suicide ganking, scamming, and other forms of griefing? Have you ever participated in these activites? Also, you haven't answered some of the questions asked on the second page. These include: A Marauder fit for PvP (Hoover is a leading Marauder-piloting corporation in Eve Online) Why you would link a graph comparing a 2 gyro 2 TE nag to a 2 gyro 1 TE Nag to support your claim that a 2 gyro 2 TE Nag would have more applied DPS than a 3 gyro 1 TE Nag
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