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  2. the fact that you're not taking any of our questions seriously is telling
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  4. arma is for real men nuff said
  5. if a paper pusher told u to not do something fun and cool and leaqed out on comms about it, but an fc said yeah that's memes do it, what would you do?
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  7. Actually important question: do you own arma and if yes how many hours do you have played
  8. what is your favorite anime?
  9. pls no continent-identity shaming
  10. dont listen to requiescat hes transeuro
  11. maybe but I've done it and theirs no going back now just defending what i said and sticking to my guns
  12. well i could say i've been a pl fan boy since i heard about caps and was a little bumble bee in goons but figured id let you get to know me a little better before i started drooling and i choose adversity cause there the only corp who i've had any interaction with at all and since its a game it be a good thing to not want to shoot my self in the head dealing with my corp.
  13. but it can. people talk. if you apply to a bunch of different groups while clearly not meeting the requirements you will build a reputation as a shitter trying to weasel his way in somewhere nice and you will find increasing resistance to your applications
  14. I did notice that and saw everyone had vouch i hung around your public channel and talked to a few guys i'm fully aware without the vouch i'm gonna get rejected but theirs a chance i might not cant hurt to ask
  15. 6 pages is enough gumby post it already
  16. +1 vouch I know this guy I R L
  17. red flag number one: no vouch red flag number two: recent history with enemies red flag number three: being young also as someone in a similar career field: don't do it, it is not worth it red flag number four: not meeting entry requirements red flag number five: pl is not a training alliance red flag number six: not understanding the question (nano ships do not face tank) red flag number seven: ramboi red flag number eight: #18 not cute nor a girl if you're serious about improving as a pvper and being a member of the pl community, go join horde. spend some time there. finish your tech school and focus on figuring out why we're making fun of you in this thread pl isn't the place for you, not yet anyway, and your memes are nowhere near dank enough to get you into adversity this has been your honest, low-to-no meme post explaining why applying was a bad idea
  18. wow I love memes epic!
  19. Fix the trash formatting and post a real #18
  20. he saw the long string of accepted applications and thought we were the easy road in clearly
  21. so essentially you just wanta join pl to learn about caps? why choose adversity over any other corps?
  22. post your best ratting tick. multiple simultaneous ticks count
  23. +1 hes a good boi
  24. why do they keep posting without vouches
  25. -1 wait +1 fuck mack
  26. I mean they let you in cant get much worse then that
  27. -1 for shitting up 2pac
  28. 1.) Who is your main and how many skillpoints does he/she have? Link to a killboard as well. Beast tivianne 60mil 2.) List your ALL your alts and provide a one-liner for what they do. HK's / spies send them via forum message to Koenig Yazria or Ivy Lash. Beast hauler- no zkill never died or killed flys dst max dps dread alt as well as titan toon and panther pilot DPS carrier and super with some training no kb kept clean sabre/cyno triage/dps carrier My data and relic site runner with no cyno skills 3.) Do you have anyone to vouch for you in glorious Adversity. space guild ? No i do not . 4.) Tell us about your eve history. With details. Pictures are optional. I started eve when a friend of mine got me to try out the game and join him. i started out in null from the very beginning but got hooked by the isk and dank fights offered by wh space. so i left my first corp low and goons to join Free trade monopoly got a taste learned some lessons like you need a active corp to be anything beyond jewing. so i left and joined bros good group of guys got my first taste of wh pvp but i lacked the skills to really do much with them and left when they went to higher class space so i came but to null and joined reppercuss butchering name but joined them while they where in goons then they left after i got settled in so i just dropped corp cause i just got back and just joined and got uprooted in less then a week. so i ran back to WH and joined ofoc a great corp that gave me my first taste of high class wh isk and pvp one of the best corps ive ever been in great guys. just had the itch for low sec and supers so i left. and applied to HTP Who taught me how to hunt and play eve the naughty droppy way but they never ventured out side provi and i felt like i was in a cage. From there joined a wh for a short time but once again missed the supers and capital. so i made my own corp to try it and joined hades but it failed. LORDE Where friends of mine that i bounced to help when they needed, or was in between finding a home and i tired to help them when i could. 5.) What is your current corp/alliance, and why are you leaving it? There a person in the alliance called catweazzle me and him don't see eye to eye and has resulted i'm him threatening to kick me out and dd my capitals on fleets i,m all for a joke but when i get camped and cant go on a cta cause the alliance military director is hell camping me for a joke not much pvp or fun to be had. -PG- in hades 6.) Why do you want to join Adversity.? I want to learn how to plan ops out past just baiting caps with caps to learn how to read a fight ,and react to it more then just winging it also getting to use caps on a more regular basis is a big bonus . 7.) If you join, you are not allowed to be poor like Jousake. Can you afford our doctrines? How do you make your ISK? I plex i'm 18 and live at home and work 30 hour week at 20 bucks an hour not many ways in eve to beat that. i'm also swearing into the navy shortly and will be a ctn the goal is to leave in January so that will be my future income as well. but i have the toons to rat if need be. 8.) What sort of capital assets do you possess? None fire selling everything cause it is shield. 9.) Can you fly a FAX and T2 triage ON A ALT ? Do you have a dread ALT ? yes to both well 6d to tech 2 triage but there both shield and can and will be cross trained. 10.) Have you FC'd before? If yes, what kind of fleets? yes i have i love running small fleets mainly nano roams, inty fleets as well as blops . haven't had much free time to fc due to rl but my next 6 months are clear . 11.) What area of Eve are you lacking ? What are you trying to do to improve that ? pvp theirs always something to learn if you are willing to OFOC taught me to fc. HTP taught me how to hunt. and i'm hoping PL will teach me about running caps staging them that sort of thing learning how to handle large numbers of pilots in extremely high tie die. 0.0 12.) We are doing a small gang nano roam, what ship would you bring? (your FOTM ship?) Explain why. My deimos i love it in those situations for its hard tackle and strong tank make it a beast bait ship its speed lacks, but i ran snakes to help keep up but in those situations you need something to face tank a bs and to keep mjds off. 13.) You are a young, starry-eyed pilot in Adversity. Coming home victorious from an epic battle against the turk forces, you dock your vessel and and the fleet stands down. Do you a.) repair/refuel/rearm your ship so it's ready to go next time, b.) post 'le dank memes' on reddit about the fight you just had, or 3.) immediately log off and play ARMA III until the next ping? id go try to blops or drop my carrier on things or just roam by myself try to set up a small fleet perhaps eve is the only past time i got i tend not to wander to far when i'm able to play. 14.) There is a nearly unbearable person in corp (we will call him Mack) that has his glimpses of genius. You jump through a gate with your multiple billion Cynabal that is a really bad gimmick. Awaiting you are a Ashimmu, Keres and 5 Svipuls. Mack is the only person that can save you. Do you sqeal for his help and bear the shame of having to listen to him rescueing you for months or do you take it like a man and get laughed at by the rest of the corp because you flew a true shitfit and died quietly? always speak up its a waste to die when it can be avoided and even if i didn't and died quietly i feel like he'd find a reason to wave something else over my head. 15.) You are a stupid euro and ended up on a late move op with your alliance, in an Aeon, with only 2 other supers, 2 titans, and a small number of Archons with you. You jump the first gate and several dics appear bubbling you, soon a cyno goes up and lots of nasty looking Machariels and dreads come pouring through. You switch to your anti-tackle tab and notice there are only like 4 dics and 2 HICs on grid, but FC is screaming for supers not to aggress while the support fleet eats shit to the hostile Machariels, and hostile dreads pound through archon after Archon. The dumb euro FC then tells HIC-pointed caps to simply jump back through the gate, clearly showing his lack of knowledge about game mechanics. What do you do? Start smart bombing bubbles with the aeon and start calling the hics then dics primary align my fleet out to a friendly pos or get a evac cyno up and get tackle clear and get the supers and titans off field at all cost if we cant break the tackle ping everything and everyone till i get a rescue fleet hauling ass to me 16.) Link 3 kills that are special to you. Explain us how you were the one setting them up and what borderline game mechanic was used to achieve the feat. stalked him for 15 min before i finally found him and was able to get a scram held him till my fleet landed felt awesome killing someone first time i ever ran a fleet killed over a billion worth of ships first try at planning a fleet out first time i ever ran a blops fleet stalked the guy for an hour following him and watching then scramed and cyno 17.) Link a fleet doctrine that you have used or would want to use and explain why its a good one. Don't just pull one of our losses and claim it's a doctrine you used. [Barghest, Barghest fit] Federation Navy 1600mm Steel Plates Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane Ballistic Control System II Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane Imperial Navy Energized Explosive Membrane Federation Navy 1600mm Steel Plates 500MN Microwarpdrive II Large Micro Jump Drive Missile Guidance Computer II, Missile Range Script Warp Scrambler II Heavy Capacitor Booster II, Navy Cap Booster 3200 Phased Muon Scoped Sensor Dampener Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II, Nova Fury Heavy Missile Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II, Nova Fury Heavy Missile Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II, Nova Fury Heavy Missile Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II, Nova Fury Heavy Missile Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II, Nova Fury Heavy Missile Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II, Nova Fury Heavy Missile Medium Energy Neutralizer II Medium Energy Neutralizer II Large Trimark Armor Pump II Large Trimark Armor Pump II Large Anti-Kinetic Pump II i've never been given the opportunity to run a fleet of barghest but i love there versatility there burst damage is unequaled and love the dual prop set up there tank is no joke either. i'd love to run them with slaves to max out there tank since they will get blobbed to hell and back but all in all i think this ship is amazing and is under utilized. 18.) Post an image of your favorite cute girl. You will be judged heavily for this. Bonus points are awarded for originality; posting Taylor Swift, while cute, will not win you any points. future babe
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