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  3. Impunitus Umbra

    Both have their perks. I can't say I really prefer one over the other though because I really fucking love pizza Negative
  4. Impunitus Umbra

    are you easily offended by for example: my avatar of christ wearing a santa hat while being crucified
  5. Impunitus Umbra

    Do you prefer thin crust or deep dish pizza?
  6. Impunitus Umbra

    I've honestly never flown one before and after looking into them they looked to be better solo ship than fleet. I looked up some fits and threw something together that looked like it would work lmao
  7. Impunitus Umbra

    your stabber fit kind of triggers me but i also kind of like it
  8. Impunitus Umbra

    NOMA - Brain Power
  9. Impunitus Umbra

    What's your favourite eurobeat song. Dont give me some basic shit like running in the 90s either
  10. Impunitus Umbra

    Vily was a long con.
  11. Impunitus Umbra

    yeah hes legendary in the deaf discord lmao, There are 2 dudes in PL that is deaf, me and @Evan Giants. We are nothing like vahiz tho.
  12. Impunitus Umbra

    Install JC Super fleet in the south like the Chinaman do on Serenity. Then use said Super fleet to trigger PTSD in TEST and make progod go AFK and eat hotwings again
  13. Impunitus Umbra

    His reputation seems to precede him lmao
  14. Impunitus Umbra

    In my use case with that Blops I was dropping with a few other guys and never had a use for it. If I'm caught and my MJD isn't going to save me then the MWD also wouldn't have made much of a difference in my opinion. It is better to have MWD for bumping but it also eats cap on an already cap-strained fit to begin with.
  15. Impunitus Umbra

    I'd probably try to torp the Carrier and then feed like an idiot to the BB's secondary guns
  16. Impunitus Umbra

    >Don't be bad >Be on IRC >Join Jamals wh deployment >Buy a wyvern FRAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
  17. Impunitus Umbra

    I love my cat Oscar very much and would never do that to him. I would however harass him with a laser pointer as my cat loves chasing ours around endlessly.
  18. Impunitus Umbra

    is the deaf dude Vahiz? lmao
  19. Impunitus Umbra

    1) No, I've owned both a Hel and a Nyx but sold both to make moving easier. I never have wanted a space tomahawk 2) I used to help a deaf guy in TEST but he turned into a giant asshole so I stopped helping him 3) Falcons are just utter cancer to deal with in that situation. I'd just whore and go home
  20. Impunitus Umbra

    G'awwwd I wish there was moar cooontent. Here's my Question for you... How was your da.... Create a fully fleshed out road map for creating content for the next 3 to 6 months.
  21. Impunitus Umbra

    any particular reason why you prefer the mjd over an mwd on a solo/ picogang blops?
  22. Impunitus Umbra

    +1 Impunitus is a good man
  23. Impunitus Umbra

    fake news
  24. Impunitus Umbra

    You are in a destroyer and have the choice of torping a battleship or a carrier who do you torp?.
  25. Impunitus Umbra

    Never really got into Anime. I watched Sword Art Online with a group of friends I used to play games with and it was OK but wasn't something I would go out of my way to watch alone
  26. Impunitus Umbra

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