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  4. @Northo Got me....I was looking forward to how I would be able to get reimbursed if I were to lose an orca.....
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  6. fffffffffffffffffffuck worse than clicking a nex demntia sin loss mail feels bad man
  7. I thought i apped somewhere. i should have known it was bait.
  8. @Val Thropp Son of a... Baited on a free Illidiot Vouch...
  9. Hustlan Jones

    @Sumo Sabezan @Baasima APIs sent
  10. Hustlan Jones

    I'm glad you fixed yourself to be a dog guy tbh
  11. Hustlan Jones

    Send your APIs to @Sumo Sabezan @Baasima and idk who else checks this stuff
  12. Lysus Application

    o/ hey lysus, old friend just saw you apped. I don’t normally post on others recruitment forums, let alone post decision. Im glad to see you’re joining though, hit me up if you need anything.
  13. Christopher Fer

    You should kill yourself. Ingame ofc.
  14. Christopher Fer

    @Brett Joseph is a good guy and I am sure@Christopher Fer is a good guy too. Judging by your past and commenting in this thread tho we have to kindly reject your application to Waffles. If you did some shitty stuff in past because of whatever reason and you want a second chance, the first thing yo do is you eat all the shit that comes to you for whatever you did in past, put your head down and take it like a man instead of trying to twist the convo or the thread into 420 other different directions that have nothing to do with your application. We as a corp always give people second chances and despite having a very try-hard attitude we are actually very forgiving. But that applies to the people who deserve it. Maybe there are other PL corps that would give you this second chance or try another alliance since you seem to have enough history in here already. Thanks for considering Waffles tho. Also for people like @Madcows and other trolls ... stay out of this threads. You provide zero added value and are just shit. And no one likes shit, except your own one. So I guess in your case no one lakes you ... except for your mum. Even if she is dead (*inb4 the my mum is dead joke*).
  15. Christopher Fer

    I'm for giving chances to people, especially those who have vouch. According to Elise we are Christian gaming community We in Waffles are not against weed, but STRONGLY against people being stupid. We don't do stupid/funny shit in game. We just do not tolerate it. Out of game smoke/drink/do whatever as much as you want, but if you play eve with us you may be not the best at it, but you should be absolutely 100% serious about it.
  16. Christopher Fer

    * I wasn't decrediting @Doomchinchilla. Everyone changes in life. But stating things of the past doesn't constitute for now. And I'm a man of action not all these replays. I would show you instead of speaking it. @McMelch
  17. Christopher Fer

    * I wasn't talking about ur word @Doomchinchilla talking about @x Zhukov I'm simplifying saying is that people change. You keep going to old things, but I've changed. I think everyone deserves a second chance. And if it doesn't work then so long.
  18. Christopher Fer

    I for one would actually drastically prefer if you'd just promise to not do any of those things I said instead of talking about all that other shit Also I feel like I have to point out that because you function in everyday life doesn't mean you function in eve. Do you smoke weed before you go to work or do important shit? Probably not. Do you smoke it before you log in to play eve? Probably. Just... don't be shit and you should have the chance in my opinion. Although I really don't like the tendency of diverting blame instead of just accepting things people like hedliner and doom say, since those two will be believed regardless of what you could possibly say.
  19. Christopher Fer

    I would hope that by now in this alliance my word is worth enough over somebody that somehow got Avery to kick him (Avery doesn't kick anyone... he's too nice). So to get his boot, it must make one think. I'll sit and wait as you process all that. I live in Colorado my dood... and I'm a snowboarder put 2 and 2 together (it equals 4 not 5)
  20. Christopher Fer

    It seems like many members of the alliance who have been around for far longer than I have are pretty opinionated on this subject, and I respect what they have to say. For that reason, it's -1 for me right now. However I also think the vouch is important, so impress me to convince me to change my opinion. Stop dodging all the questions asked of you, and maybe try to reflect on why things have gone wrong in the past. Show improvement. All you have done is avoid questions and defend yourself instead of saying anything constructive.
  21. Christopher Fer

    * I highly doubt that. Unless you have proof or something then just shitting up a post and words of one person I never even heard of. @Doomchinchilla
  22. Christopher Fer

    * Bong hits were in personal comms not during fleets. * I function in everyday life.... So say I can't function due to wee, is just outrageous. * and again, I never said I was to high for shit or anything. I just see a bunch of people who don't like weed or are just bias about it. @McMelch
  23. Christopher Fer

    In light of the allegations in this thread you should probably start by changing your avatar. Since you actually have a vouch I personally think you deserve a chance. Also I can't blame you for other people shitting up your thread beyond recognition. However: Take a bonghit on comms = purged Be unable to talk properly due to obvious use of *things* = purged Be otherwise shit, due to being on weedles = purged Sounds like a fair deal to me
  24. Christopher Fer

    yes. I'm pretty sure I had an aneurysm in that fleet edit: I also want to apologize to Waffles. I generally avoid all other corp recruitment threads. But even Avery kicked this guy. Fuck that. The voucher should reassess his life choices as well.
  25. Christopher Fer

    * EPIC! Lol. Glad to see you. @Cotty Vance
  26. Christopher Fer

    This is what will happen to the legion if chris joins
  27. Christopher Fer

    +1 but only if you stop keying up when you take a bong hit
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