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  3. Also death to weebs Having Bob as a vouch is a huge negative, just saying
  4. You seem to enjoy ganking a stupidly amount, given you said it a lot. We as an alliance and corp don't gank (or at least not a lot) What says you won't get bored here and go back ganking
  5. Yesterday
  6. God Bless the USA
  7. "good source of iron"
  8. in America we make corndogs by taking these: and putting them in the microwave.
  9. He has a million APIs this one has some way left to go.
  10. Last week
  11. I'd say we take him, Mac said he was an alright dude, like some of his answers, I don't know if you'll be happy with our high sec presence, though. If you go bad though, we are -1 anime master at least. :v
  12. My bad Kismeteer. I love you long time. (Ask Bob, he knows what that means, since, you know, Asian)
  13. Ben smash is a good friend of mine. :v And I know most of those others pretty well.
  14. Inform the FC so that I might get some sort of help if I don't die first, while locking the claw and dropping warriors, depending on positioning aligning to the same place as the fleet warped or to a celestial away from the claw for transversal. Putting warriors/neuts/ACs on it and hoping it dies/caps out before someone can get secondary and warping off first chance so I can link up with the fleet again.
  15. Didn't think people would get that upset about who I flew with in HV outside of PL members, but the ones I can remember the names of (I'm god awful with names) are in no particular order: Madcows, lucas, slayer, bigbud, kyle, blaaky, dod, phil, garnt, zeiks, mara, ben smash, arkady
  16. Anime is cartoons. More important question: As your fleet is running from a claw fleet, your mach is tackled just as they warp, leaving all by your lonesome against a claw with a warp disruptor. What do you do, in what order, and why?
  17. This is how the schism begins. And to think I always thought it would be the Great Anime Divide.
  18. so that means someone can't ask a question about it?
  19. To be fair, at least it means we can spend money without getting at least a look
  20. Blackwall tunnel
  21. Okay, I have no further questions, no further comment. I figured I'd ask him since I know a lot of the HV dudes beyond you guys.
  22. Millwall?
  23. Another northerner to add to the cluster, this shall further ensure the meets do not take place south of the wall.
  24. 3 highly dubious ones.
  25. There's literally no reason to interrogate him about this considering that there are three BAT members who were ACTUALLY IN HV with Sunber.
  26. +1 Sunber is good man.
  27. Tolstoy, Schlampa and Helgrind wolf
  28. You have anyone in hole violence you might have flown with heavily?
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