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  1. Marivauder

    If you're not active I'll literally kill you on March 11th. Make sure your apis are *all* up to date, apply in-game, PM me the names of the characters you are applying with.
  2. abdulaz

    Sweet, welcome back abdulaz, good to see you again. Make sure your apis are still up to date and apply.
  3. Mikey Hellfire

    PRO LEAK ZONE since you're a bit out of touch with PL's superior EU TZ escapades and I see helping you out as worth the intel breacherino: in this evening's euro op there are twice as many snigg as bat, as many nesw as bat, and everyone else far less. That's what EUTZ ops tend to be like, although occasionally we've pipped even snigg for numbers. That may sound meh but snigg has five and a bit times as many corp members as us so that is why I suggested you must have misread Sun Tzu when you thought he said "attack your opponent where his posting is strongest".
  4. Mikey Hellfire

    Rated 2 stars, one of them out of sympathy. It's not like applications are a daily thing these days you should prep yourself with some better material ahead of time if the improv thing doesn't work for you.
  5. Mikey Hellfire

    Welcome back Mikey. Apply in-game.
  6. Pari Shana

    You people spoil everything.
  7. Schlampa

    @Schlampa Please apply to Bat Country. Delete all APIs not used for PL services: those should be used for no other web services. Thank-you, also, for the view into the dark and twisted side of man's darker nature afforded by your alt names during the API checks.
  8. Thyger

    Andrew has a fierce interest in the quality and integrity of his corp.
  9. Thyger

    @Thyger please apply to Bat Country in-game. Your vouch will walk you through getting into the right groups etc. Please delete all APIs (ALL!) that are not used solely for PL services. And may I be the first to say to you "Bonjour, bienvenue, et il y a deux moustaches dans ma piscine." As you can see I've picked up a bit of Spanish from my time spend around @dantes inferno
  10. Schlampa

    @Schlampa I sent you a PM with a couple more questions if you can get back to me regarding those.
  11. Pari Shana

    Nah. This is a new guy to me. @Pari Shana you're light on kills and your vouch can't vouch for ages. Ping me on discord and I'll talk you through stuff for the future but it's a good rule never to apply to bat unless you've spoken to me and I've said to apply, first.
  12. Schlampa

    @Schlampa please send me all your APIs for all your accounts, active or inactive, via forums PM on these forums.
  13. Thyger

    @Thyger please send me all your APIs for all your accounts, active or inactive, via forums PM on these forums.
  14. AzzJack Fonulique

    I've checked and this is, indeed, Azzjack, As with the others of Darius' group, this is on my head...
  15. Thyger

    Ticks the boxes for french, useful, louche and flying the right ships.