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  1. wb tech
  2. What I will say that cherry picking chat logs is kinda meh. We all have moments when we say stuff that could look bad if taken out of context after the fact. That being said.... you did pretty much hate PL and trashed redwyne pretty hard which isn't cool.
  3. @Karina Ivanovich snipe
  4. we missed you toni
  5. But seriously you spied on PL. You were kicked from CYNOU and rejected from ISRAD. Now you app to Adversity. DUH FUCK?!
  6. toni's back
  7. Ok, so for you, you have the song below as your song for you to sing us. God Bless the US of A. You must upload it to youtube, google drive, soundcloud... or something that we can hear it. Be as creative as you want, but have fun with it. And enjoy.
  8. @The Olive1 let me also stress that no matter what I think or anyone in my corp thinks. You are required to answer ALL questions even @Keirro Finn's whether its funny, memey or something you don't get to pick and choose what questions you get to answer.
  9. That is the worst question possibly ever. Worse than Sharkers, as his at least speak to the person and how they'll fit in. Keirro pls. Don't be like @Rokos McDougal
  10. Teaches you to stand by him
  11. 😐
  12. Fair enough. @Bel Dian there's your answer.
  13. So a point that keeps coming up in corp @The Olive1 is we understand RL being a bitch. Hell I constantly tell my members that RL comes first, and would kick @kr4te off comms if I knew he was supposed to be studying. But the question of, why should we expect your time in our corp to spur your activity? What would be different with us, that you couldn't get out of any other corp?
  14. Let me expand on this in a nonmeme way. Your KBs show that you've been inactive for about 3 months. Please re-explain why this is the case AND why we should even hope that you'd be active with us if you can't be active with your current group. Also while you're doing this give me 3 gifs that summarize what your reply to this is.
  15. Explain to me in what scenarios (if any) you use the new bloodraider caps found here: Give me 3 songs for my snowboarding playlist, (no tswift... that's cheating) Do you prefer standing or sitting desks? How many apostles/apostle alts are acceptable, and in loose terms tell me where you'd place their jumpclones/backup ships (ie, staging, where our supers are etc) What is an expensive loss for you, and what is a loss in EVE that you can easily brush off? And who is cuter, Ariana Grande or Carly Rae Jepsen?
  16. Injecting isn't necessary, we just set corp training goals.... well I dictate them, and corp training direction changes. Gives us purpose.
  17. With the understanding that most of us have at least 3 inty/dictor alts on our slots... and some of us have 0 unused accounts would you be willing to remedy that. It's about 30 days for an inty, 60 -70 for an inty/dictor before you commit to it. The goal of this, is there is never a time that a person in CYNOU can't pull the line and move a cyno, or keep a dictor logged off in a system for ages (pray for wayne)
  18. I hate you. olive how many inty cyno alts do you have and how many dictor alts do you have
  19. Stop real lifing and come back
  20. Ayyyyyy, Riffsa Riff Raff.... wolverine purr... ALSO HAHAHAH downvote @Sharker2k3HAHAHAHAH ok. ok ok. ++ from me
  21. Well he'd be kicked from discord, which is really all that matters.
  22. He was your vouch
  23. Delete all pre2010s!
  24. Favorite country song. FC calls for an inty cyno, what type of person are you? Are you waiting to be called on specifically, hoping the fc doesn't single you out? same question for logi needed, same for apostle. Answer honestly, There's no wrong answer.