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  1. Christopher Fer

    I would hope that by now in this alliance my word is worth enough over somebody that somehow got Avery to kick him (Avery doesn't kick anyone... he's too nice). So to get his boot, it must make one think. I'll sit and wait as you process all that. I live in Colorado my dood... and I'm a snowboarder put 2 and 2 together (it equals 4 not 5)
  2. Christopher Fer

    yes. I'm pretty sure I had an aneurysm in that fleet edit: I also want to apologize to Waffles. I generally avoid all other corp recruitment threads. But even Avery kicked this guy. Fuck that. The voucher should reassess his life choices as well.
  3. Cesaro

  4. Cesaro

    Ok so as per CYNOU tradition you must record yourself singing a song. You get two options, you can blame @Daemon Belial... well he wanted a shitty tyler song, so there's that. Use google drive... youtube... soundcloud we don't care as long as we can hear it. Have fun, enjoy. And make sure to thank us for not going with Daemon's suggestion.
  5. Cesaro

    List these in order of priority of how you view them. Your Alliance Your Corp Your real life friend that sits next to you Your work Any real life events or problems that may arise Explain why you ordered them the way you did And list me 3 cardinal sins that will result in being purged from CYNOU/PL, and explain each of them. Don't give me some meme answer like sending nudes to @Daemon Belial
  6. Jason Knight Gordon Ramsay is definitely not Indian. @Hlynurth you've been rused.
  7. Gallente Rebel

    Don’t mind me waffles. Just saving this since I’m about to go workout and I’m pretty sure he’s going to edit his post away before I finish the workout.
  8. Gallente Rebel

  9. Murtific

    make sure the ones in the auth tool are different then the ones u gave the recruiters. once they're done you'll nuke em
  10. Murtific

    Hypothetically if you were kicked for being a racist shitter, would you be a bitter ex? Pick one of these following eve ships and tell me three different iterations that it’s gone through in EVE history in terms of pvp ability, (archon, ishtar, tengu, or loki)
  11. Murtific

  12. Murtific

    Fair, it should be said that I don’t take f1 pressers in. If someone isn’t willing to step up somehow l, I don’t need em. Dictor alts, booshers, cynos, apostles, dreads... are all important. Also logi, even though some people in corp never fly logi, I know I can point to anyone in corp and force them into one if I need to. I also want to make sure that while you say Riffs coerced you to do this, this is actually what you want. We just spent a large amount of time on another app ( thanks sabre) to then have the person decide his time was down with EVE, so he left and retired. There isn’t really a question here just a partial explanation on why some people might be a bit more sceptical than we normally would.
  13. Murtific

    Ok I'll post more tomorrow. But here's what I have tomorrow. First I like Riffs, he's agood guy. He has a good heart something something w/e the expression is. So that speaks to your character. As can be seen my corp is VERY passionate about who we let in, as Riffs knows. And he doesn't vouch lightly. Now with all this being said and my corp being overly memey tonight... which has been corrected. On average (be honest) that when an FC asks for a boosher, dictor, logi, triage alt, scout, cyno, what's the amount of time you generally wait until you volunteer to help out?
  14. Willam Crane

  15. Iedan

    Could you respect humanity and go back to before you existed.
  16. Iedan

    hi @Avery Lewis how are you tonight?
  17. Unthrown Brick

    ok i laughed 10/10
  18. Unthrown Brick

    Enjoy @Unthrown Brick
  19. Unthrown Brick

    Ok here are your two songs to be recorded of yourself singing.... or whatever you consider singing and uploaded to google drive, soundcloud, youtube... idc where. but you have a choice between these two.
  20. Unthrown Brick

    on discord
  21. Unthrown Brick

    Fyi, we're waiting on riffs to get back from his weekend excursion for something then we'll fully proceed
  22. Unthrown Brick

    Yeh just pm me your discord info and I'll have him add you
  23. Unthrown Brick

    I think John wanted to chat with you on discord. Not sure when that's done. Lmk