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  1. Murtific

    make sure the ones in the auth tool are different then the ones u gave the recruiters. once they're done you'll nuke em
  2. Murtific

    Hypothetically if you were kicked for being a racist shitter, would you be a bitter ex? Pick one of these following eve ships and tell me three different iterations that it’s gone through in EVE history in terms of pvp ability, (archon, ishtar, tengu, or loki)
  3. Murtific

  4. Murtific

    Fair, it should be said that I don’t take f1 pressers in. If someone isn’t willing to step up somehow l, I don’t need em. Dictor alts, booshers, cynos, apostles, dreads... are all important. Also logi, even though some people in corp never fly logi, I know I can point to anyone in corp and force them into one if I need to. I also want to make sure that while you say Riffs coerced you to do this, this is actually what you want. We just spent a large amount of time on another app ( thanks sabre) to then have the person decide his time was down with EVE, so he left and retired. There isn’t really a question here just a partial explanation on why some people might be a bit more sceptical than we normally would.
  5. Murtific

    Ok I'll post more tomorrow. But here's what I have tomorrow. First I like Riffs, he's agood guy. He has a good heart something something w/e the expression is. So that speaks to your character. As can be seen my corp is VERY passionate about who we let in, as Riffs knows. And he doesn't vouch lightly. Now with all this being said and my corp being overly memey tonight... which has been corrected. On average (be honest) that when an FC asks for a boosher, dictor, logi, triage alt, scout, cyno, what's the amount of time you generally wait until you volunteer to help out?
  6. 2r4w - Application

    Idk what’s more sad, the fact that an Ishtar caused this all, or that blue awox was wasted on an Ishtar. Either way very smart strong Serb corp. xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa
  7. Willam Crane

  8. 2r4w - Application

    it's ok your ceo ... or is it ex-ceo... idk who can tell. w/e lex can teach you all about how to rorq mine, w/o a panic mod... or combat drones... or a shield booster...during a strat op. lmao
  9. Iedan

    Could you respect humanity and go back to before you existed.
  10. Iedan

    hi @Avery Lewis how are you tonight?
  11. Unthrown Brick

    ok i laughed 10/10
  12. Unthrown Brick

    Enjoy @Unthrown Brick
  13. Unthrown Brick

    Ok here are your two songs to be recorded of yourself singing.... or whatever you consider singing and uploaded to google drive, soundcloud, youtube... idc where. but you have a choice between these two.
  14. Unthrown Brick

    on discord
  15. Unthrown Brick

    Fyi, we're waiting on riffs to get back from his weekend excursion for something then we'll fully proceed
  16. Unthrown Brick

    Yeh just pm me your discord info and I'll have him add you
  17. Unthrown Brick

    I think John wanted to chat with you on discord. Not sure when that's done. Lmk
  18. Unthrown Brick

  19. Unthrown Brick

    Fair answers. I'm content with them. Solid responses also if you can find a way to have zkill give me my missing kills to pls do
  20. Unthrown Brick

    So I have a couple questions and here we go. Sometimes people fuck up in corp, even @Riffsajet can fuck up, I have no problem calling people on it, and depending the time of day it might not be the nicest of callouts, how will you handle that? On the same topic in fleets sometimes people are just flat told to stfu or that they're wrong when they very well might not be, how will you handle getting called out by the fc? A triage alt, note alt, is not optional in cynou, I require it. Idc what other corps do, I want my members to be able to jump a fax in even if their subcaps is already on the field. Not having one is unacceptable, I also require people in corp own a mandatory two faxes to be kept where I want them at any point, is this going to be an issue? On top of that as my corp has tried to nicely allude to, I won't be as nice. We're PL, we eventually use supers/titans for stuff, I expect people in corp to work towards one (not just for stats), there is no upper limit to them, if a person in corp isn't working for one they better have a damn well good reason. and to final summarize this, are you looking to sit around and just retire? It's no secret that I've poached from other corps and other alliances when I feel a person is under performing to then push the person to step up. @Hallor Sinclair is a good example of that as he now is a helpful fuck in fci with cynos, scouting etcetc. So where I'm going with this, are you going to be a useless f1 presser or are you going to step up when we need it, instead of waiting for the fc to beg for a cyno, logi, a handjob... you know typical fc stuff?
  21. Unthrown Brick

    ok @Unthrown Brick my first question is how many accounts do you own? I assume it hasn't been asked yet but including unlisted ones I don't need to know what they can do or who they are just wanna know how many accounts you have?
  22. Unthrown Brick

    Just had to be sure.
  23. Unthrown Brick

    AS I SAID BEFORE I'LL JUST HIDE EVERY POST UNTIL @Riffsajet CONFIRMS HIS VOUCH. And why someone with less than 150 kills is apping to my corp.
  24. Unthrown Brick

    Before anyone else posts, and honestly right now I don't care about anyone else's post and I'll just hide everyone else's we need @Riffsajet to state his vouch. Let alone your lack of kills less than my super alt. IDC about your corp history yet. Don't care about anything else. It's super low kills... like super low
  25. Chester Paterson