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  1. Well he'd be kicked from discord, which is really all that matters.
  2. He was your vouch
  3. Delete all pre2010s!
  4. Favorite country song. FC calls for an inty cyno, what type of person are you? Are you waiting to be called on specifically, hoping the fc doesn't single you out? same question for logi needed, same for apostle. Answer honestly, There's no wrong answer.
  5. Ew
  6. Are you willing to do corp mining ops
  7. Ok so @Zhirae @Andrew Jester and @John Selth are finally after ages getting their dream to come true. John is bankrolling the request. Your required song is Be as creative as you want. Have fun with it. I'm sure Z will have some suggestions about a pocketbook on your head or something. You are under no obligation to do anything but a sound recording. Post it to youtube, google drive or soundcloud. Anywhere that we can get a hold of it and listen. Good luck and have fun.
  8. Fair enough, It was moreso a trick question to gauge how you would do it. There was really no correct or incorrect answer. As our route will always change.
  9. @Riffsajet never use freeport astras, always take the time to setup your own. Freeports are what get you killed, and astras that you don't control the same.
  10. Quality input from tbp as always 😂 I'm building a new playlist for boarding and biking. Gimmie three good suggestions. We for some reason need to get supers to 7rm to save horde, link the jump route that you would use and what would you do at each stop? Do the same for m-o to Jamunda. List three modules that you always keep in your hangar and why you keep them. You find yourself locked in a room, why are you in that room and How do you get out of it? What would your catchphrase be if you were a super villain? Who would your arch nemesis be, what's your super power? And what's your fatal flaw that eventually leads to your inevitable defeat?
  11. Well there's a new quote picture for the quote bot
  12. Remember that time that I let you guys pick the song?
  13. You have a video of me boarding. i wanna see it. thx
  14. Vouch. Better than @Sharker2k3 vouch
  15. lol jk
  16. waiting on api check maybe? its on @Andrew Jester
  17. Ok, so @nosanator was a different case since he left while we were in PL... and well @John Selth saved him from me. But for you, since you have a Coat vouch. Can move a little bit with this but following CYNOU tradition, this is your song. You must record yourself singing it, be as creative with it. or as boring as possible as you want. Youtube, soundcloud, or googledrive, idc as long as we can hear it when you're done with it. etc etc etc have fun
  18. Just record a short clip so we can see it's you. You were CYNOU while in PL so it's a little different or so says @John Selth
  19. talking to you. :joy:
  20. Welcome back Fmha!
  21. We're doing API checks now. And by we... i mean the recruiters because lol me doing API checks.
  22. Ok once again none of this guarantees your acceptance. This is kinda abnormal... not a pop song or a weeb song. In commemoration of my baby brother getting his slot to become a pilot the USAF here is your song. You must record it and upload it to googledrive/soundcloud/youtube. Any of those work for us. But we have to have it uploaded here. Be as creative or boring as you want but have fun with it. And congrats to my baby brother <3, I couldn't be more proud of you... well I mean maybe I could.
  23. But who will poke me on discord every day telling me what PL welped?
  24. ?
  25. ?