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  1. Eva Vesto

  2. Returning Member: Ramsey Snow

    Get someone who knew you from CloakSquad to confirm you're you and I'll boosh you in.
  3. Eva Vesto

    Anyways, the guy has a good attitude, no hate for WAFFLES or @Reza Najafi, and a willingness to buy ships and not just be an inactive memer. You're being kind of hyperbolic here.
  4. Eva Vesto

    ...where did the applicant meme on Waffles?
  5. Eva Vesto

    The guy you're responding to is Yoyaz, who isn't even in PL, Tara. He's in INIT. I don't think this thread needs a Reza batphone for some glib remark, and if we can/'t cool it down a bit I'm just going to delete some posts.' tl;dr no mad
  6. Eva Vesto

    Hey Tara thanks for the feedback; to clarify a few things from talking to him: his income stream isn't currently established as he's just returning to the game, but given a month or two, it'll be right as rain. Plus, he's going to buy alliance/doctrine ships via PLEX if necessary. As for bouncing around between groups, he's never bounced back to one - most of his departures align with whatever that group was essentially failscading (with the exception of the Goon thing), which was just boring. He's pretty good at small gang skirmishes, which is a big portion of the content my corp enjoys, so that's definitely a plus in our book. Overall, I think you made some fair points, but calling the app a 'polished turd' is a little too far.
  7. Returning member: Chino Saisima

    ok c u
  8. Returning member: Chino Saisima

    Once @Wrik Hoover or @Chupster Charante confirm you're not an imposter, you are welcome back.
  9. Returning Member: Delkash Khan

    Verified as real. Accepting in game.
  10. We don't want you, unless you're a returning DYS0N member, even with a vouch. Ok c u.
  11. dj aldard

    Posting to confirm that I vouched this guy, and would have accepted him into DYS0N had turbo not had objections to him that were unrelated to his player skill, trustworthiness, or ability to not leak. Good luck!
  12. Returning Petya Gladiator

    welcome back, confirmed to be real by Chupster
  13. Captain James Sparrow

    Application accepted. Please delete the APIs you sent me to review, and add new full APIs for every account and alt-corp you have, in PL or out of PL, to auth. Finally, please apply to DYS0N in-game, and in the Auth section of the forums.
  14. Lily Arkaval

    Application accepted.