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  1. Darius JOHNSON

    Hey Darius, I'm a fan of your work and I think you'll fit I nicely. We talked about this before. -Jack
  2. Application Nerfman

    I'd like to thank everyone for the recruitment advice but it's under control. I know full well what the recruitment requirements are therefore all potential recruits are vetted before being considered to apply. @Madkicker Our recruitment methods have served Pandemic Legion well(minus ironfear). Thanks for the bump though.
  3. Application Nerfman

    @Katerina Tzestu has been the POS and logistical backbone for RKK for quite sometime. She was the one keeping our staging towers fueled, gunned, and stronted throughout WWB which all of us used. She's active.
  4. Application Nerfman

    Lets stay on topic please.
  5. Application Nerfman

    Posting to confirm Nerfman is well aware upon joining he is expected to own and be able to pilot a t2 triage apostle.
  6. Happy Birthday and welcome home
  7. Application Dispike

    Spike is a solid guy and a reliable pilot. I've known him for quite a few years now and I'm happy to see him wanting to make a change. My first roam with Spike after he moved to staging was fruitful. He already had a wormhole route probed down and after a few jumps we hit Jackpot. @Andrew Jester I too came from high-sec and enjoyed the transition. Spike is a quick learner and does his homework so I'm not worried.
  8. Old BoB pets?

    Haha @00tricky
  9. Application [ Lyvv ]

    Thank you for your service
  10. Xrend

    Glad you are still part of the fam, fam.