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  1. hey fuckers

    are you reddy tho
  2. Overman Application

    Overman is indeed a good man and basically invented "fishbutt" and got banned for it many times. I'm on a break from EVE right now due to work but I wanted to say that I've flown with him longer than a lot of ppl here while in MM and -A-. He has years of experience (during some key wars) and I remember him being a pretty loyal dude to his corpmates, despite MV being literal AIDS in space at times. He was a large part of MM's bomber division, which had its moments. Overall I think he would be useful if given responsibilities.
  3. Wapplejack

    when there is a will there is a way
  4. de4deye

    What line-up of six Pokémon would you use to fight the Elite Four? Original 151 only.
  5. Actually Not an App

    Wheres #26