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    Darkwingffm App

    i know Darkwingffm from some alliances i were, i know hes a good guy and i think he can be a good part of us.... but seriously learn how to use a list, if not u have to make a good steak
  2. Master No7

    Darkwingffm App

    Next time u should double check your application
  3. Master No7

    Klaus App

    WTF is SRP?
  4. Master No7

    Ewoya Application

    Thats what i asked myself too, because i thought he join with both... I confirm vouch, cause i know he will join with both
  5. Master No7


    welcome back ramiires
  6. Master No7


    Welcome to NESW
  7. Master No7

    Enki Rhodan App

    It's all fixed
  8. Master No7

    Enki Rhodan App

    i vouch for him, hes a good man... he had some hard times in life, but now hes strong and want to be a part of PL Family... @Enki... Think about the Widow Fitting again ^^