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  1. DavidT33 Application

    First one is correct. It's an Eve-Rebrand of the Monty Hall problem. Second one is correct as well. This man clearly knows his hairy balls. Though I'm gonna start calling you Sisyphus. Third one you are off with your approximation of the harmonic series, it actually grows quite fast compared (just n=11 hits 3). That said, the reasoning is sound, which makes the answer solid. Knows his math, I'm impressed.
  2. DavidT33 Application

    Sleep deprivation. Fixing. Edit: Fixed.
  3. DavidT33 Application

    Assume you are taking part in a live stream with a give away. The rules are simple: You have to pick one of three SMA's. Inside one of these SMA's is a fully officer fit Sin, worth about 20bil. The other two boxes contain one of two identical Ibises. After you pick one of the Boxes, the host of the game show, let's call him the all mighty Bob, opens one of the boxes that contains an Ibis. Because the all mighty Bob is a merciful god, he offers you to switch your initial selection. Do you switch or stay? Why do(n't) you switch? Assume you have a perfectly spherical, pacified Panda who seems to have taken a liking to you. @Beffah gives you the important task to comb the hair of this most impressive specimen. She expects you to comb him perfectly, so that no hair is still standing up. Alternatively she offers you to place the Citadels for a Jump Chain from Branch to Omist. For JDC 0 Dreads. Which task do you choose and why? Assume CCP invents a new Doomsday that affects the EHP of the target in one of the following ways: Will you direct the DD on a friendly target or a hostile one? Does it change depending on which formula is used? Edit: 16*16 is hard.