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  1. Kneemon Lyvaina

    -1 #NoJarheadsAllowed
  2. Ilya987 Solovey

    -1 Low effort. Your fate is in @Qwynn 's beautiful manly hands.
  3. Dephar Arcarnum

    Hmmph, this is a bit premature but go ahead and send @Qwynn and myself your FULL Apis Via forum pm
  4. Dephar Arcarnum

    Damn, two in as many weeks. App looks purrty fresh thus far, lemme finish up this homework then I'll look at it more in-depth
  5. Mineral Ore

    Hmmph, a rare Starbuck vouch. I'll check this app out a little more closely when I'm back from class.
  6. Obestinaye

    Application Accepted Alright, APIs are coming up clean on my end, we're going to give you a shot. Go ahead and apply in game on all your relevant characters, AFTER YOU DELETE ALL OF YOUR OLD APIS AND ENTER NEW ONES INTO THE AUTH. WELCOME TO THE CARPE Be sure to read all the stickied posts on our corp forums before you do anything.
  7. Obestinaye

    Hmm, looks like you're getting a pretty positive response. Go ahead and send me your FULL APIs for EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER YOU OWN via forum PM and I'll look at them when I get the time. Forward them to @Qwynn aswell, please.
  8. Obestinaye

    " Introvert(22%) " You're off to a good start, I'll read it in more detail tomorrow.
  9. Back from the dead

  10. Blot'vardy'vard

    Application Rejected - No in-corp vouch - Poor use of Memes - Use of "Un-Fresh" memes. - Disgusting Extrovert - Shit App - Inability to follow basic instructions - Poor reading comprehension From here on in, consider yourself BLACKLISTED from N.O.X.
  11. Blot'vardy'vard

    This shit is a mess blot. I expected better. Know that you've let me down. Pshh... your memes weren't even that fresh.
  12. Blot'vardy'vard

    "Doc Weed"
  13. Rythen Risalo

    Application Accepted Go ahead and apply in-game, welcome to the Carpe. Be sure to read ALL of the stickied posts on the corp forums once you're in corp.
  14. Rythen Risalo

    API(s) look fine to me, @Qwynn looking the same on your end?
  15. Back from the dead

    Make sure all your APIs are in, once that's done re-apply in game. Don't forget to app to the corp group once you're in. Welcome back famula.
  16. Rythen Risalo

    Please take the following as advice, not criticism. Not to worry, your skills suffice for what we will require of you. On your main, it would behoove you to flesh out the rest of your medium weapon system competencies, you should also strive to have all of your BCs at V, training recon V wouldn't be a bad idea either as well as getting your HACs to at least IV. Though overall, not bad, pretty focused. On your Titan pilot "Vikysya", I'd like it if @Nex Gaius gave you some idea of what you should be training etc, and I'd also like it if you took his advice seriously, he's a skilled & knowledgeable Erebus pilot, an opinion you can trust. In the mean time, go ahead and send myself and @Qwynn your FULL apis for every single character you own or have access to. P.S. - Once again, be sure to answer any and all questions N.O.X. members post on this thread, not matter how silly the request, or difficult the riddle. Failure to do so will result in a serious hit to the quality of your application overall.
  17. Rythen Risalo

    Ayyy an INTP bro ++ App is pretty solid tbh, just give me a bit to look over your skills. @Qwynn Wot u fink? He lekker brah? Also, please remember to answer any and all questions Carpe bros post.
  18. De'Veldrin

    -.- Regardless, Erik is a super-mega solid dude. +1
  19. De'Veldrin

    Really? You tried to get ahold of me on snapchat? You fucking nerd. You literally could've just texted me you silly mong. @De'Veldrin
  20. The seugahnator

    You were hands down the biggest shitter in Boob Heads. (Excluding that time Dame Death was in Boob.) But that was then, and this is now, I'm sure you've improved.
  21. The seugahnator

    Seugah was a super solid dude in BL. Was easily one of my favorite boobheads peeps. +1
  22. Gullyver foyl

    Ах да , чуть не забыл ... APPLICATION REJECTED
  23. Shoki Kugisa

    Am I seeing this right? Do you only have a single character? There's no way I can let anyone join in good conscious with a single character, and frankly, I'm not even sure I'd be interested in seeing if you have the liquid to buy some toons to make up for the deficit because odds are if you're applying to this corp with a single toon you're either not taking this app very seriously or you're utterly clueless of the benefits alts bring to the table for yourself and everyone you're involved with which means you desperately need more experience. Moreover: - You don't have a single battleship to V - Basically No Capital gun Skills ( Granted you made no mention of being a dread pilot, but regardless the point stands. ) - No Fighter Skills - Shit remote rep skills - Shit cap emission skills - Tactical Logistics Reconfig II - Your critical thinking questions need more work I'm sure I could find more if I wanted to be an ass. The way I see it there are two possibilities : #1. You didn't take this app seriously and therefore you don't take our corp very seriously and by extension our alliance. If that's the case please don't bother reapplying. #2. You simply misunderstood or were mislead regarding what is required of you in this corp ( Despite the fact it's stickied all over the forums ). If that's the case, do some more training, get a couple more useful characters and reapply when you feel the time is right, bearing in mind there won't be any more chances after that. For now, It's going to be Application Rejected
  24. Roland Cassidy

    Application Accepted Go ahead and apply in-game. Please keep in mind going forward that your vouch has put his membership on the line so that you could be here, act accordingly. Welcome to the Carpe.