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RKK Recruitment FAQ

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How do I apply?

You need a vouch from a full member. They will give you an application and gather the information necessary for you to open your trial record.

What’s a trial record??

Your trial record is a section of our internal boards dedicated to tracking your progress through the review. It stays open for as long as you have an outstanding application with our corporation, as well as throughout your trial membership.

Trial membership?

A 3 month trial inside RKK where you are expected to show high activity (killboard and otherwise) and good leadership skills (a trial roam is needed to graduate).

Trial roam?

You take out a bunch of guys on a roam that lasts at least an hour. After the roam you post an AAR outlining the good and bad. The AAR becomes a part of your trial record.

I got it! So when can I post my app on this board?

After we open your trial record on our internal forums, the person who vouched you will let you know when you can post.

What if I’m not told to post??

If we feel you aren’t ready to post on the public boards yet, don’t despair! We will guide you on your path to becoming a kokuling!

This may involve:

  • -          Joining HORDE to test your ability to operate with our alliance.
  • -          Training certain minimum doctrine skills.
  • -          Gaining a certain level of killboard activity.

Once I post, how long will my post stay on this board?

Foreverrrrrrrrrrr. And it’s completely public! So remember to proofread, answer the application questions fully, and set aside some time to answer additional questions thrown your way!

This is the part where we all get to know you! So be sure to check back on your thread often and mingle :D

How will I know I passed?

You’ll be given a verdict in bold, as well as the reasons for your acceptance or denial. If a denial has recommendations below them, then you should probably do them to get a chance at re-acceptance at a later time!

I passed! Now what?

See: Trial Membership (it’s a few points above, in bold).

I’m not sure if I’ll pass, what should I do?

Contact your vouch! Have them open a record for you anyways! It’s better to have a guiding hand than go it alone, and it will make it easier for you to pass when you are ready to fully apply!

What if I don't have a vouch?


What if I'm a returning member?

Returning members can bypass a lot of red tape :D

I got denied by (Insert-PL-Corp-Here), can I still join RKK?


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