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  4. @Sindri Oksaras How to lose a corpies trust in one day, haze them twice on their first day. You bastard
  5. @Sindri Oksaras I thought I could trust him
  6. Just got rolled by Shad0wsFury. ☠️
  7. 10/10 would be bamboozled again.
  8. @Terephon Tivianne thanks for nothing lol. Was expecting this 18645-hellcats-making-a-comeback, was tempted to re-sub Hope you get super AIDS.
  9. @Terephon TivianneTivianneTivianneTTivTivianneTivianneTivian idk what my phone is doing but ty for reminding to check the preview before I click on a link
  10. !mute @Sindri Oksaras
  11. @Sindri Oksaras thanks for the reminder about following cybersecurity practices even at home, punk.
  12. I was hazed into thinking @Doomchinchilla finally came to his senses and was purging all ex vera, horde, waffles, and other dropout corps from Cynou. A boy can dream
  13. Walter EastPak

    wh corp Looking to Join PL

    High effort
  14. Doomchinchilla

    wh corp Looking to Join PL

    when u app to hoover tell them that big DJ sent you
  15. apply to hoover inc in game app accepted
  16. Maureen Carney

    wh corp Looking to Join PL

    heya, I'm looking to join pandamic legion I an Australian, quite old . need some guidance with what info to supply, I have one main alt with another secondary alt which I never use. Sue Dawdle is my other alt, Maureen is my wifes name, not sure why I used her name
  17. We're on a mission from God. We're putting the hazed back together. If you've been brought here, I'm sorry to tell you but you've been bamboozled. Had. Tricked. Gotten. Owned. You now are honor-bound to perform one of two actions: Post the name of the person that hazed you and thank them. Post the name of the thread you were expecting to get to. In the meantime, please enjoy this little diddy by someone also fooled multiple times
  18. @Sindri Oksaras god damn cunt waffle got me
  19. @Shad0wsFury PL History Class Damn U bro
  20. fucking @Sindri Oksaras
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