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    SECTION 1: INTRODUCTION Who is your vouch in NOGRL and how do you know them? @Karina Ivanovich Tell us about yourself. (Include: How old you are, what you do, where you live (and the timezone you play in) and what languages you speak. How many hours you play during an average week and how long you have been playing) 420hrs Provide a brief synopsis of your EvE career, who you’ve flown with, and any accomplishments you care to list. I fly with Zarvox cuz he has BIG BALLS List of all characters on each of your accounts ( https://eveskillboard.com/ ). Include links to their respective killboards ( https://zkillboard.com/ ) and a short description of each character's purpose. If you have characters which require opsec PM the relevant info to your recruiter. Daemon Belial, he's alpha right now, but I heard that was okay. https://zkillboard.com/character/1214306244/ Describe your skill queue. What are your short and long term training goals? Rorq mining How do you make your isk? After joining you must be able to spend several billion at once to get doctrine ships, is this something you can do? Rorq mining, I dunno, I guess if I feel like it Do you own a supercapital or titan? Yes, Rorq is SUPER at mining What do you think you are good at? What are you not comfortable doing or feel you need to improve on? I don't like when people yell at me, or tell me what to do, man. I'm my own free spirit and I won't be held down by the man. Why do you want to join NOGRL? Karina said he would boosh me in. SECTION 2: FITTINGS Provide fits (Read: Provide EFT Blocks) for the ships below with a short description explaining your fitting choices and intended purpose. A widow. Probably with a MJD or something. Your favorite roaming ship. Rorq Bonus: Any other ship fit you find interesting and would like to provide for discussion. SECTION 3: SCENARIOS You join a small gang about to undock. The gang so far consists of a Machariel, an Orthrus, an Omen Navy, and a Malediction. What ship do you bring to compliment this gang and why? Provide the fit below. I personally don't like undocking in case someone kills me. You just bought a nyx in Maila and you want to deploy with your bros to frag supers in Great Wildlands. Your target staging is H-8F5Q and you will be moving solo. List your route and go into detail about the steps you take to ensure that you don’t die. Provide the travel fit for your nyx below. Why would you want a Nyx when you can get another Rorq? You and a friend decide to drop a super and a titan on an apostle and archon that have a small amount of support with them (a couple cruisers and a dictor) after your friend DDs the apostle he forgets to align his titan and gets bubbled. What should the two of you be doing to get yourself out of this situation. Log off
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    perfect app to corp ill accept
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