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  1. Ilya987 Solovey

    @Ilya987 Solovey Redo your app and add an apology to everyone that had to read that initial garbage. Answer every question seriously and send me your API’s. You have one day to do this otherwise consider your application denied. You have 2 vouches, do not disappoint.
  2. Ilya987 Solovey

    @Ilya987 Solovey send me all of your APIs via forum message.
  3. Ilya987 Solovey

    It looks like you half-assed your app.
  4. Dephar Arcarnum

    Susan made a great case on your behalf, he also promised me 2 strokes and a bum tickle. Application Accepted.
  5. Mineral Ore

    Application Accepted. Before applying in-game delete all of your old API's as well as the ones you have given me and create new ones and add them to the Auth. Welcome to Carpe Noctem.
  6. Mineral Ore

    Sup @Mineral Ore, send @Dog0fWaRR and myself the API's for all of your characters.
  7. Rythen Risalo

    All good on my side. Create new API's then add them to the PL Auth, and also nuke all your third party API's for Zkillboard and such.
  8. Back from the dead

    Welcome back.
  9. Rythen Risalo

    Whoa, an actual N0X app. Has an Apostle. Has a Partybus. Not retarded. (Apparently) App is pretty kiff. How thick is your hazmat suit?
  10. Demondrew

    Application accepted. Welcome to N.0.X
  11. Demondrew

    Check your PM's again.
  12. CrispElite

    Confirming Vouch. App to corp in-game.
  13. Demondrew

    Yo duder, mail me your API's.
  14. CrispElite

    +1 Don't get Dog purged please.
  15. Chronoxi

    Slanderous accusation.