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  1. Qwynn

    Gallente Rebel

    @Gallente Rebel I think you should try joining some other nullsec entity to learn before trying to join PL. APPLICATION DENIED.
  2. Qwynn

    Kneemon Lyvaina

    @Kneemon Lyvaina your app thread has been quite something. You've left quite the impression on a number of people, to the point where it seems they can't sleep soundly at night without telling others about their thoughts of you. While having acquaintances or close friends in any corp does hold tremendous weight in your chances of having your application approved. The most important point for me is to try and gauge how well a new applicant would fit into both N0X and PL. After all my considerations, I would have you join N0X on a trail basis, however having anyone join PL on a trail basis is a nonsensical decision. Therefore I am denying your application to N0X. Thank you for being patient throughout this process, and I apologize that I have taken so long to come to a decision, but I like to be absolutely sure in my decisions regarding recruitment.
  3. Qwynn

    Kneemon Lyvaina

    @Kneemon Lyvaina No stress, have a safe trip.
  4. Qwynn

    Kneemon Lyvaina

    @Kneemon Lyvaina m8 you need to do your soundcloud voice test. Don't worry to much about it, it's basically just to make sure you don't sound like or are Capri.
  5. Qwynn

    Kneemon Lyvaina

    @Kneemon Lyvaina send me your API's duder.
  6. Qwynn

    Ilya987 Solovey

    Application Denied. Thank you for at least trying to make a better application though.
  7. Qwynn

    Ilya987 Solovey

    @Ilya987 Solovey Redo your app and add an apology to everyone that had to read that initial garbage. Answer every question seriously and send me your API’s. You have one day to do this otherwise consider your application denied. You have 2 vouches, do not disappoint.
  8. Qwynn

    Ilya987 Solovey

    @Ilya987 Solovey send me all of your APIs via forum message.
  9. Qwynn

    Ilya987 Solovey

    It looks like you half-assed your app.
  10. Qwynn

    Dephar Arcarnum

    Susan made a great case on your behalf, he also promised me 2 strokes and a bum tickle. Application Accepted.
  11. Qwynn

    Mineral Ore

    Application Accepted. Before applying in-game delete all of your old API's as well as the ones you have given me and create new ones and add them to the Auth. Welcome to Carpe Noctem.
  12. Qwynn

    Mineral Ore

    Sup @Mineral Ore, send @Dog0fWaRR and myself the API's for all of your characters.
  13. Qwynn

    Rythen Risalo

    All good on my side. Create new API's then add them to the PL Auth, and also nuke all your third party API's for Zkillboard and such.
  14. Qwynn

    Back from the dead

    Welcome back.
  15. Qwynn

    Rythen Risalo

    Whoa, an actual N0X app. Has an Apostle. Has a Partybus. Not retarded. (Apparently) App is pretty kiff. How thick is your hazmat suit?