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  1. Waffles

  2. chemical commander

    I've spoken to a few sources, can you further elaborate on your side of the story to why you flamed out with your alliance leaders of chaos theory and gotg?
  3. chemical commander

    Do you have any other characters on these accounts? If so, why were they not listed? Why did you feel it was more important to inject cap skills on your "main" instead of fleshing out subcap skills?
  4. chemical commander

    Service purge timeouts are not an uncommon thing here. Are you going to rage quit like you did with Chaos Theory? Or would you take the time to understand what happened, cool off and move forward; growing as a person in the process? If you've "flown every type of ship," in what areas do you think you can most improve? What are some of your strengths and weaknesses? Are those three characters all on the same account? Do you still own zack? Why did you dump him as your main and feel it was a good idea to extract combat skills? Thank you for your responses and time. @Coyote Benihime confirm vouch, ty
  5. Murtific

    How do you feel about keeping your security status positive? I'm a braindead retard who should neither be in this alliance nor brought to full term
  6. I am Ozymandias

    Can you go into a little more detail on this? What is the direction that doesn't suit you?
  7. xxxAlloxxx

    Good Morning, Please PM me full, non-expiring APIs for each account and separate APIs for any corp you have. Please continue answering questions on your app. Thanks!
  8. xxxAlloxxx

    Hi @xxxAlloxxx good luck with your app. @WayCharles please confirm vouch. ty! Allo, are you still on the same schedule? Away for the summer, etc
  9. Kaiyo Matsu

    While this was true in the past, after our 10 year anniversary, it is no longer the case.
  10. Winter Vinestone

    Hey Winter, wb! Anyone you can ping here to confirm it's you?
  11. MrMojo Mercurium

    Can you go into detail on this? What was the channel for? What were the daily happenings? Did you contact Horde directorship? It's not everyday people get hell purged from Horde for unwarranted reasons.
  12. The Aggressor

    Where's #6
  13. Are traps gay? @Sammael Solaren
  14. llvortexll

    With the recent tech 3 cruiser changes, which two do you feel are now the best options for hunting ratting carriers and battleships for your blops team? Link fits please.