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  1. Application [ Lyvv ]

    lol so much to choose from. Ill have some time to consider, which is a good thing.
  2. Application [ Lyvv ]

    LOL WTF is this shit? I'd have dress up too, like the freak on the right? Not sure if my hair would allow for that to happen though... Its better than Adele or something though. Props for that
  3. Application [ Lyvv ]

    Hi Doyle, Imaan is 26 days from Apostel Mastery IV - this includes Amarr Carrier IV, ontop of that the capital guns in your doctrines (dont know which you guys use since your KB doesnt show but 1 Naglfar loss up until Jan if I saw this correctly this morning). As far as skill injectors, I am not sure about that yet as I dont have the capita for that. 150.000 SPs injected for 600 Mil a pop and needing a few millions SP to cover...most likely not. Alternatively, I would re-app once characters meet your specific SP configurations, if you prefer it that way. In regards to what I would do if PL goes into a dormant state - small scale / sub-cap PVP. In regards to what I'd bring to SAS and PL - a disciplined, yet competitive, non-drama creating and non-interruptive asset, able to follow commands, able to see tactical decisions while being in a support-role. When times allow for it, I can be more vocal on comms and be entertaining, for as long as I dont hav to sing on TS some 90s backstreet boys song.
  4. Application [ Lyvv ]

    I dont know if this will be different. I dont know if I need or even want it to be different besides real life events that took place which kind of interfered with my Eve agenda. In 2009 I was deployed, was off the grid for 19 months due to deployments and afterward needed to get my life back in order. Moved from the States to Germany, started a new job, bought a house, as of August 1 2016 have a baby-boy...things are fluent and dynamic in my RL; my family goes first in my instance. SniggWaffe was fun, as is evident on the killboard, especially the nightly roams with Mr Reve. Due to the position I held back then, I had to travel a lot, that time I went to India and left the appropriate messages and communications with the leadership. By the time I got back, I didnt know how much I could commit and got in touch with Jeff Raider who told me about the Horde Initiatitve. I thought it would be best to get back into the game with them. Its a bit more relaxed in that sense.
  5. Application [ Lyvv ]

    Yeah, sorry I went overboard, I do care, hence the effort. Like Joshua said, I'd only get one shot at this and this application-process seemed to be important. I tried to put 8+ years into 2 sentences but that seemed like I wouldnt give a hoot. Thanks for the advise on the cap shield extenders, I'll leave the fitting as I had put in original so others can see my initial submission un-edited in that respect but changed the fitting in EFT. Like I said, I havent sat in a PL Doctrined Capital, especially not with the recent changes. Just now getting the new fighter skills to 5s on the cap pilot.
  6. Section A – General info: 1. List your sponsor(s) within SAS: Gloria Khan 2. How old are you? 42 3. Where do you live and what languages do you speak? I live in Germany, speak English, German and some Italian 4. Which time zone sees the most of your playing time (US/ΕU/AUS)? Very late EU (20-2100 eve time) which rolls into afternoon time US 5. How many hours do you play eve on average during a week? 30ish 6. Please list all your characters on all your accounts and provide links to skill sheets and killboards. State how long you've had ownership of said characters. Lyvv (PVP Main) - Owned since March 2007 Imaan (Gallente Capital) - Owned since November 2013 Carlyas Bragur (Command) - Owned since December 2013 These accounts were in Horde – Imaan was removed last, a few days ago in preparation of this application Alts: Koq Monger (Jita alt) - Created a few days ago Vex Eriker (Logi / PVE Miner) – owned since July 2014 Leworg Misanthrop (Scanner / PVE) - 7. When will you most likely be available for an interview (Εve time)? 20:00 Eve Time 8. Link a recording of your voice. “This is my voice” found under Section B – The Eve Online ~experience~: 1. What do you enjoy doing the most in Eve and what do you enjoy the least? PewPew – carebearing isn’t for me. I tried and failed miserably. Can’t stay awake shooting NPCs for more than 1hour, can gate camp for 10 though! TIDI, I hate it 2. Do you have any FC experience? If yes‚ please tell us a little about that and if not‚ why? I never lead any serious fleets, small stuff only and took charge of the standing fleets. The primary reason why I never done any real fleet commands is because, in my opinion, I lack the complete oversight of enemy ship-capabilities, fleet composition-capabilities and am not adept yet to reading the battlefield appropriately. Although I have played Eve very serious for the first 5 years, I didn’t keep up with changes whenever I returned after a hiatus. That being said, I wouldn’t want to subject anyone to that – only by his own free will. For systems I am new in, I do make extensive use of DOTLAN Eve Maps and other resource / intel sites to know what around me. 3. Do you havе experience with аny оther speciаlised roles, such as scouting, scanning or leading logistics ships? I scout like a mofo, normally always have 3 accounts online at the same time and know how to d-scan. I also have Imaan setup with BlackOps as well as Lyvv. I have the Sin setup for gank operations in Kinakka at the moment and was setting up Carlyas as well to be able to hot-drop unsuspecting enemies on my own, but lost track of this endeavor shortly after taking my latest break. I have done logi-support, anchors, played the drone bunny. I am #1 at AFK cloaking an alt for days in goons favorite ratting or ice-belt system, shutting their operations down for the time I grace them with my presence….or absence. Whie doing that, I do have mid-spots covered just in case. 4. Link the killmail you are the most proud of and explain to us why? In recent memory, this kill right here: This dude was zipping around above our station, picking off stragglers or the lemmings that had gotten too close and then….booted out of range or warped off. He was fast with his links in system. I pulled out a spastically-fit svipul going 17k ms with links – waited for him to start his turn as he circled above and turned back towards us and kicked in my MWD, while telling people on station via comms that wanted to get in on this to align up. I wouldn’t have been able to do much damage to him as the Svipul was glass-fit to go fast and tackle only. It served its purpose. 5. Link the lossmail that you would say embarrasses you the most and explain to us why? Its actually 3 losses that happened in short succession: Having to turn now and facing 3 fast targets, I was unable to gain momentum and keep initial range so that my Rapid Lights could do their work. This resulted in my losing my cerb as well. I was pretty pissed off at myself for letting my emotions dictate this move. I rage-quit that night to play some World of Tanks to melt faces much more vividly and cause some sweet internet tears though. That calmed me down. I got poded, which made it faster for me to into my next ship, the Cerb. Problem was, some dude’s mobile warp disruptor bubble came out of timer and by the time I initiated warp, I landed right into that. Burned out of that, however, problem was that none of the Horde Homies followed me to the gate, so I ended up alone in this shitshow with 40 horde bros at station (note “at” not in). I jumped into our home system after making a little Jita run with my ONI. Saw 2 svipuls, engaged thinking I can take them with ease. Thought wrong. Got owned pretty decently. 6. How do you make your ISK in Εve? Incursions and market 7. Give us a run down of your eve POD PILOT CAREER. How long you've played‚ in which corps/alliances‚ favouritе fights/incidents, аny relatiоnships (positive or negаtive) of note with persons and/or corps/alliances. Well, I started somewhere around 2007, went to Spartan Industrial Manufacturing following Mars Volta. Pretty awesome FC back then. We were part of the SMASH alliance, blue with ROADKILL and ATLAS. BWF was our home. Fun times. Roadkill was closed around 2008 if I remember correctly. At that point I went to some german-speaking corp called Isle of Hope but that turned out to be a hopeless endeavor and I left there 4 month later to join Personal Vendetta ( The FCs were awesome here too and I had loads of fun. After Personal Vendetta closed, I lingered around with some sister Corps (all with the Mercenary work field) until I joined Blackwater Swat. –AAA-. Then Goons dunked us with their SOV skills. After that BOB and –AAA- crapola (I had basically just finished hauling my stuff in) I just said fuck it and went PVE to build up my ISKs, I wanted a Super. Where else but Goon protected space can you do this? I joined up with Fidelas Constans, following a friend xxXkaboomXxx. FC owned the top left corners of space and well, didn’t get much PVEing done cause it sucks. I learned then that I can only do PVE for 1-2 hours at a time and then am bored senseless and go look for trouble. Well, where else in Eve can you get into as much trouble as PL does? The tip of the spear imo. As I just came back from deployment (RL) I joined up with the feeder corp, Pandemic Horde after talking to Jeff via Twitter. The cap changes were just announced so I thought it would be the right time to get back. Again, fun times were ensured as there is always shit to kill and gates to camp, especially if you are in a feeder / support alliance for PL. That’s when I met Gloria, who FCed the Home Sec fleet whenever he had the nerves for it after some long op. I went on to a few roams with him but we mostly interacted while in the standing fleet. While in Horde, we had some pretty exciting times I think, made headlines all over Eve, within the top 5 of global kill boards in terms of ISK and ships destroyed (as well as lost lolz) but the attrition values were top. Real life hit me again and I had to spend some time in India. After I came back and with the disconnect from Eve again, I decided to take a look at Star Citizen. Went full tilt there, bought some 3000 Euros worth of pixels which I then again sold via the grey market making 2200 Euros profit. Wife didn’t approve and decided she needed a new car cause she was pregnant and took my stuffz. So without SC pixels I was left with a choice of either going stupid or looking @ Eve Online again. 2nd day of being online I see a Domi with a Kill Right. The KR owner decided he doesn’t want any ISK so it was offered for Zero ISK. Warped in the Kronos with Imaan and made the guy pay for his frivolous crimes with ~1000 DPS in under 10 seconds. I didn’t even have enough time to write in local that if he pays me 1 BIL he would keep his ship…That’s when I was hooked again. I was right outside Kinakka (Horde’s former home) and started to spent the 12 BIL ISK I still had some blingy shit and also started to dream again how to best spend my time and efforts online in Eve. I recall Gloria telling me that if I ever wanted to, he thinks that SAS would be a good fit for me and well, here I am. 8. You are solo roaming in an Orthrus and jump into a gate camp with interceptors and an arazu. Explain what you do to survive, if possible? Pretty shitty situation. Arazu and its long point / long scram is a shitshow to have right next to you, so are pesky interceptors. If at all possible, crash gate and get some distance on the other side, align to whatever you feel like and wait for them to come in. Not being able to use the speed advantage is a killer in this situation. Either way, I’d hope I have a solid fit and some precision anti-frig missiles, cause if not, I am fucked. Hence, crashing the gate is probably the best action if you want to keep your boat. Inexperienced pilots will immediately follow and aggress because they are under the assumption that his buddies are all coming with him. Most likely, some of the inties will have aggressed while you crashed the gate and will have to wait their aggression timer and you will have less to deal with. Splitting them turns the table and being able to project DPS in a controlled fashion is key. On the engagement scenario: Situational Awareness! Find something to align too thats on your side / direction of the gate and the furthes aware from the Arazu. With any luck, he wont be able to scram. He sure as hell wont be able to keep up. With that immediate threat out, lock the inties / frigs, get your scrambler ready and start engaging those that are within scram range. Alternate scram on interceptor coming into range and start taking them out. Most critical situation is to get distance from the gate and not losing the speed advantage. 9. You are in a PL fleet in a Napoc, a squad of bombers uncloak, bomb the fleet, whilst the PL fleet is engaged with another fleet. You take 30% armour damage, what do you do? Continue to engage the primary and or commit actions as instructed. Logi-commander will / should know that there was a bombing fleet that just dropped their shit and therefore knows that people got damaged. During a more relaxed moment, I’d hit the broadcast “need armor” button and if it wasn’t already announced in COMMs I’d make note of it. 10. You have decided to go roaming with your PL bro's and supply all the ships for said roam. What 10 ships would you fit and supply for your PL brethren? Show fits and explain why you have supplied said ships? A cost-effective risk-mitigating roam can easily be done in interceptors. Being immune to mobile warp disruptors etc has its advantages if you want to go in quick and get out even quicker. Very easy to catch miners and PVEers off-guard with this as you and your buddies can zip through the ratting belts, ice belts and anoms really quick and catch shit that didn’t watch local. Your target selection obviously is small, but there isn’t much that can catch you should you not be able to engage whatever you encounter. 10x Ranis interceptors or roughly 2.8k DPS Taranis Light Neutron Blaster II Light Neutron Blaster II Light Neutron Blaster II 1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner J5b Enduring Warp Scrambler 5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Damage Control II Micro Auxiliary Power Core I [Taranis 322DPS Dual Prop] Small Hybrid Burst Aerator I Small Hybrid Collision Accelerator I Acolyte II x2 oid S x703 Nanite Repair Paste x100 Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge S x1000 Dual prop, cause you don’t want to get scrammed, in case you have a BS -> cruiser you also want to just cruze around him with AB on to sig-tank the shit out of his guns / cruise-missiles. L-Neutrons – cause they pump out good DPS while under the guns of your enemy. The rigs play into that and give you an increase of weapons effectiveness, maximizing potential. The mids cause you don’t need blinky shit, keeping the cost down. Lows to enable the use of your tools in the mids while also being able to fit neutron blasters, some survivability and DPS. But I have to admit, that’s the easy answer J it obviously gets more complicated if you need to field on-grid logistical support, such as for Rail Proteus setups but then again, I wouldn’t field that with only 10 bros. Another alternative for a 10 man roam is stealth-bombers. As I have a Covert Ops Jump Portal capable Sin, a 2 small bomber squads can easily be taken out on a roam, perhaps even with some content I’d provide by scouting out the mining systems a few days ahead of time so the local population gets used to a neut in local. A Rorqual is still on my list…. These bombers would probably be similar “expensive” as the interceptors and the risk is mitigated as you can make use of your stealth to circumvent camps. If another BLOPS Pilot is present, he could jump in with the hunting party and provide a way back home. For these ops a prowler or some other cloaky hauler should also be present to provide required logistical support in form of bombs or fuel. 11. While languidly chilling in a system 12 light years out of our current staging system in your covert ops, you come across a Wyvern outside the shields of a POS. What do you do now in order to facilitate non-risk, non-effort pvp for your bros in the Legion? Calculate mid-jumps needed in order to get the guys to the action. Back in the day I would be able to see the most obvious route based on his corps / alliance standings etc but today, I’d need help with that. See if I can TAB (tactical advance to battle) my alts there myself or ask for help to get the mids covered. In parallel, reach out to FCs or someone that can ping in order to get the required assistance into place and also to allow others to whore on the impeding killmail. Surely, more caps from our side will be needed. Since this won’t happen in 5 minutes, I would also take on a tactically sound position near the wyvern in case the OP is a go so that I can provide a solid entry-point for my bros once their fleet is formed and they are ready. If ships are called for that cant use covert J-portals I’d offline my BlackOps and jump into something more useful. 12. Give examples in eve of when you committed acts of piracy, scamming, spying and/or general griefing? I don’t scam and I don’t think I grief. I do commit acts of piracy though, -10 is what Lyvv had most of her time. Examples? Kill anything that you can, no matter where and commit or accept to lose a few ships in doing so. If there is a chance to take a worthy target out (keeping attrition in mind) then I’d go for it. I wouldn’t attack a Hulk in a 0.9 system with a vindi obviously, but might consider getting into a catalyst gang to gank some freighters. My ship is 3 mil, or the gangs total value is 10-15 mil together, his value is much much higher and such, it’s a win. 13. Why are you leaving your current corporation and/or alliance? I want to take my experience and game to the next level. 14. What do you see yourself doing in ΕVE a year from now? What are your EVE goals? Immediate goals are to get back into content-rich areas with like-minded people. That would guarantee longevity as ultimately that’s where the fun in this game for me lies. 15. If asked to sing a song for you SAS bro's on your acceptance into Corp, what would it be? LOL I don’t know who would want to hear me sing. But fuck it, yeah, I’d sing but be forewarned, I really can’t sing. If you still want to do this, by all means, have at it. Any proceeds stemming from this are to be made out to Lyvv in ISK form though (this includes but is not limited to Comms being posted on YT etc.) Section C – Ship set ups: Please provide fits for four ships of your choosing; one of which having to be suitable for fleet warfare‚ one most be suitable for roaming, onе of which must be а capital ship and the last is up to you. Explain briefly yоur choices of both hulls аnd modules. Fleet Warfare BS – without on-grid logistics DOMI 1600mm Tungsten 1600mm Tungsten Armor Explosive Hardener II Damage Control II Drone Damage Amplifier II Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II * Tank kind of self-explanatory. Provide buffer and resists plus some dmg amplifiers Some tracking enhancers for the drones so cruisers and below get rekt and a sebo so you don’t take ages to lock. *Utilities: Anchor up, scram whatever comes in range, announce scram, follow FCs lead on primaries. Heavy Capacitor Booster II,Navy Cap Booster 800 Sensor Booster II Omnidirectional Tracking Link II Omnidirectional Tracking Link II Faint Epsilon Scoped Warp Scrambler Only a single cap tranny, cause who needs cap? More important is armor, cap is being replenished this way fast enough. *Drone enhancement, important Remote Reps, which obviously scale up by the size of the fleet of same-type ships you take with you. Large Remote Capacitor Transmitter II Large Remote Armor Repairer II Large Remote Armor Repairer II Large Remote Armor Repairer II Drone Link Augmentor II Drone Link Augmentor II *rigs to enhance tank and provide needed buffer Large Trimark Armor Pump I Large Trimark Armor Pump I Large Trimark Armor Pump I Infiltrator II x5 Garde II x5 Warrior II x5 Bouncer II, x5 *Use Garde (best tracking and DPS) on targets close by or use Bouncers to do an ATT Call (reach out and touch someone). Warriors in case frigates or sabers etc come in too close. Svipuls will also sig-tank the shit out of the guarde. Similar setup can be done with the Ishtar, though depending on where you roam (deep pocket systems?) I’d replace 1 Repper for an energy neut to shut down active tanked PVE Mofos. A drone boat because it opens up the highs for logi modules. Remote Reps are key. With the drone bunny changes, people will have to actually work and target broadcast and sick their puppies on target. Main purpose or reason for this fit is that you don’t have to rely on an additional squad of logis, making this type of fleet – depending on size – a pretty cheap investment that can almost guarantee success. SkramKite Phantasm - Roam Phantasm Heat Sink II Heat Sink II Damage Control II Capacitor Flux Coil II Capacitor Flux Coil II *Lows made up out of damage mods and 1 resist, need Cap Flux Coils to get cap stable Dark Blood Warp Scrambler Adaptive Invulnerability Field II Gistum B-Type 10MN Afterburner Stasis Webifier II Pith X-Type Large Shield Booster Thukker Large Cap Battery Medium Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer Focused Medium Pulse Laser II, Conflagration M Focused Medium Pulse Laser II, Conflagration M Focused Medium Pulse Laser II, Conflagration M Warrior II x3 Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II This is a more skill-intensive fit but something I have on my own and am waiting for to get some action in with. Latest victim was a domi in Onnamon with this fit. All made possible by the latest cap battery mechanic changes. You are also not vulnerable to scrams using the afterburner which rounds this fit up rather nicely. Key is to dictate engagement and range. Active tank of 286 shield per seconds. Load-out is a bit blingy but you get some good bang out of the buck. Because going 1420 ms (cold/2k hot) with a 127 signature is nice. Pulse lasers with ~442 paper-DPS will fuck up anything that’s fast enough to keep up or approach. Since I haven’t procured one of the Aux Capitals and haven’t really getting deep into the new carrier changes, here is something I would do do. If you look at Imaan’s API you will see in her assets a Thanatos currently being fitted up in Kinakka. 5 more days for Support Fighers IV at which point I am going to take her for a spin. Revenant - Super Capital Caldari Navy Power Diagnostic System Caldari Navy Power Diagnostic System Sentient Drone Damage Amplifier Sentient Drone Damage Amplifier Sentient Drone Damage Amplifier Damage Control II *To compliment damage projection potential, playing into the Revenants stats Pith X-Type EM Ward Field Pith X-Type EM Ward Field Pith X-Type Explosive Deflection Field Pith X-Type Kinetic Deflection Field Pith X-Type Thermal Dissipation Field Pithum A-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field Pithum A-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field *This tank brings all resists above 91% ECM Jammer Burst Projector Fighter Support Unit I Fighter Support Unit I Fighter Support Unit I Fighter Support Unit I Networked Sensor Array * 2 Utility (ECM Jammer and Networked Sensor Array) to accommodate the oh-shit button last resort and to allow faster locking. Fighter support units to enhance fighter’s stats and play into the already drone-directed low-slots. Capital Core Defense Field Extender II Capital Core Defense Field Extender II Capital Core Defense Field Extender II To further enhance survivability of this SC and play into the vital tank mods in the mids. Shadow x10 Einherji II x9 Firbolg II x9 Satyr II x12 Termite II x6 Antaeus II x6 Gungnir II x6 Malleus II x6 Mantis II x6 Tyrfing II x6 Cyclops II x6 Mobile depots, fuel, tank mods, support mods to refit for other more specific roles would be in the cargo holds depending on what my primary objective would be. Now, please note that I pulled this out of my ass because I haven’t been able to dive deep into the carrier changes. I have watched RocketX videos YT where he went into the different Citadel capital fighter mechanics etc, but that’s about it. I chose the Revenant because it has always been a dream of mine to own one. If you have any follow-up questions, please let me know. Thanks for your time, Dan aka Lyvv