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  1. @Winry Dhoore fucker....
  2. @Paul Brinkhoff git......
  3. dapheel thurogood

    want to be apart of the family

    This is a zero-effort application. You haven't answered the last question and the fact that you can fly avatar/aeon/apostle on your three characters, but don't have any cyno alts sets alarm bells ringing.
  4. dapheel thurogood

    Temptress Truborn

    This is getting painful, like watching a train wreck in slow motion. It’s not even proper salt, it’s some sort of low effort healthy alternative. Can we just lock this shitty app thread it’s a fucking embarrassment.
  5. dapheel thurogood

    Wheres the justice?!

    Everytime after having Chipotle I fart into my hands to smell how my farts smell. I usually masturbate furiously doing so.
  6. dapheel thurogood


  7. dapheel thurogood

    chemical commander

    @Chemical Commander Please explain your Jackdaw fit, along with a brief description of why you enjoy flying it and it's potential engagement profile.
  8. ffs, will you little fuckers stop putting up fake linkys
  9. dapheel thurogood

    Symfynx Maricadie

    * edited for sperging
  10. dapheel thurogood

    Symfynx Maricadie

    *edit just read the recruiting thread rules, will stfu.