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  1. Whitmore

    Tayler Derden

    Ebani v rot Kaoz poshadi
  2. Whitmore


    20 days (challenge ends 25.05), 40 solo kills using frigate class vessel in nullsec. If you won't get all 40 I would like to read a few words about every kill you made. With that shit it better look sexy.
  3. Whitmore


  4. Whitmore


    Your solo fits are worse than shit, including a fucking orthrus which requires zero brain to fit and has literally 2.5 standard fittings. I want to antivouch you just for that, but I'll give you a challenge instead: make 40 solo kills using frigate-class vessel (excluding covert ops, bombers and astero) in a nullsec space within 10 days. If you will succeed I wont antivouch you.
  5. Whitmore


    You failed. Antivouch.
  6. Whitmore


    It's still bad.
  7. Whitmore


    At least now we know the guy has zero idea about capital fitting and I doubt his flying skills are much better.
  8. Whitmore


    Your solo pvp ship fittings are so bad I'll probably have problems sleeping tonight. I have a quest for you - make 30 solo kills with a frigate (any kind of a frigate) and I won't antivouch you. You have 7 days starting today.
  9. Whitmore

    Sae Marr

    They are just too small to fill all my stressed places.
  10. Whitmore

    Sae Marr

    These stressballs don't look like they could take any stress off me.
  11. Whitmore

    Sae Marr

    At least he can play eve. Let him in
  12. Whitmore

    Sae Marr

    Get minimum 15 decent solo kills in the next 7 days and you will have my vouch. P.S. Otherwise it will be an antivouch.
  13. Whitmore

    Sae Marr

    It's working this way - if you are not gay you are not getting in at all.
  14. Whitmore

    Sae Marr

    Solid 5/7 can be a cyno in an alt corp.
  15. Whitmore

    Jankos Sabannfuhrer

    pure gold