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  1. markie1994

  2. Corp Looking to Join PL

    Uhm .. it's not April 1st yet.. is it?
  3. Back, Want to Come Home

    was bullshiting with Ethikos yesterday in Kinakka, he was bouncing around, he's a good man, let him back in yo!
  4. Cazzik Returning

    A wild Cazzik appears! WB bro!
  5. Got room for an old Permashitter?

    and another welcome back nunu..
  6. Shiwan Khan

    Hey Shiwan, welcome back.
  7. Eragon Alseen Old Gaurd BOS

    Wow, Welcome home Eragon!
  8. Let me back (again )

    LOL its Hinkle!
  9. hapyjah

    Rive I try to leave IRC on for you to contact me, got some shit going on at home today but I keep a eye open
  10. hapyjah

    I remember the name sakana would have to chat on coms for abit to confirm i.d. but sounds pretty legit just reading the post Welcome home! PS: bet I told you not to sell your main because u would be back PSS: told you so!!