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  1. Uther Moldune

    Atlas Diari

    Your app looks good to me, you have what you need to be a useful member of PL and it looks like you have the long term goals of doing just that. I remember you on fleets with Waffles and never had any issues there. My biggest concern is the drama and possible rifts with some of our current members. Our members and especially leadership are the lifeblood of this alliance and even a good applicant isn't worth damaging that. However, I'm also big on second chances and it looks like it has already been looked into and green lighted. You admit to not being the strongest with cap fits so lets talk execution instead: 1. You're Rorq mining when a neut pops into local, a tengu decloaks next to you and 50-60 bombers pop out of the cyno. What do you do? 2. You finally have your first Titan and you're on your first move op. You jump to the next cyno and all of a sudden you're bouncing away at 1K/sec. What do you do?
  2. Uther Moldune

    Lupus Cinereo

    This isn't the kind of attitude that I expect from members of our alliance. Looking over your application, I don't think you have the skills or mindset that would mesh well with our corp. -1 from me
  3. Uther Moldune

    Arestes' application

    +1 from me for fixing your app instead of going all Emo when you got pushback.
  4. Uther Moldune

    coming home

    Glad to see you around again.