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  1. DavidT33 Application

    Link me a HAW dread fit and a combat thanatos fit that you might use. What do you bring to SAS that anyone with an F1 key doesn't?
  2. DavidT33 Application

    Immediate questions that come to mind, more will follow: Do you plan to get a super/titan at some point? If so do you have a character that you are willing to put in one, and how would you plan to pay for one. You claim to play 30-50 hours a week, yet from your two killboard links you seem to have been actually active one month since August of 2015. Why should we expect this to change if you were to join SAS? Please provide a solo frigate, destroyer or cruiser fit that you would use in null, and explain how you would use it. How much experience do you have using caps in their current state? Take another look at your keres fit and tell me why it's bad, then post a better one.
  3. DavidT33 Application

    Send myself, Valan and Joshua Doyle full APIs for ALL accounts you have. Also @ddred confirm please.
  4. Ox Fast Application

    Couple of questions: What was your original characters name? You can add that to the PM with the APIs if you'd prefer, please add that API as well as those for any other accounts you had at the time to both the auth + PM. What would your default fighter layout be in that nyx? Do you have a character that you are training to be able to fly one? You don't have T2 triage and can't really fly an apostle on either of those characters, do you have it on another or plan to train/inject it soon? What do you bring to SAS/PL that anyone with an F1 key doesn't? Also @Matt Emery confirm please.
  5. Inira Serra re-app

    Put my APIs back into the auth and sent another set to JD/Valan.