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  1. Ilya987 Solovey

    Ability to follow simple directions: 1/10
  2. Magnus Frost - Application

  3. Dephar Arcarnum

    @Dephar Arcarnum I was thinking more along the lines of 2-3 ship options that you could personally fly and would like to fly, but this is fine. A couple of comments on your fits: Keres fit doesn't need a web and could probably use a long point in addition to a MSE. Sleipnir seems a bit slow to be in a "nano" gang. Overall app looks fine with no glaring issues.
  4. Dephar Arcarnum

    You're flying in a nano gang of 10-15 pilots. Pick two or three ships that you would fly, generate fits and defend your ship and fitting choices.
  5. Mineral Ore

    Use This
  6. Mineral Ore

    Please generate fleet compositions for the following: 1) 8-12 pilot nano gang 2) 6-10 pilot brawling gang 3) 30-50 pilot battlecruiser gang Also make sure to describe your general engagement strategy, ranges, etc for each fleet above. Fits are not necessary unless it is something that is generally non-standard.
  7. Obestinaye

    @obestinaye Your fleet composition looks pretty good overall. You could probably afford to add in a couple interceptors as well for scouting an extra tackle since you can afford to add a couple more pilots, otherwise the composition looks good. The fits that you have are under-tanked imo. For the jackdaws, you are much better off replacing the point for an EM Ward Field II. This will give you considerably more ehp (your enemies will also probably be shooting EM if they have non-hybrid DPS). You can probably leave the cap booster as I don't think anything else would actually fit. Your support ships do not need weapons and would benefit with more tank fit. You could potentially use a 10mn AB for them as well since they will easily be able to keep up with jackdaws and will mitigate alot of damage with the ABs. Other than that I think the app is good overall.
  8. Obestinaye

    Answers to questions are good, although a bit terse at times. Looks good overall though. Please also give an answer to the following: You are taking out a medium sized (20-50 pilots) T3 destroyer gang. Pick any T3 destroyer(s) for your mainline dps, and list a fit (or multiple fits if you are taking multiple destroyers). Also, list your overall fleet composition (shiptypes, numbers, etc), as well as general fleet engagement strategy.
  9. Back from the dead

    Sorry no FBI allowed.
  10. Rythen Risalo

    I do like the fits, although with the Brutixes you may be better off downgrading the blasters and putting on an MWD, but I don't think it matters much for its purpose. Yeah I just posted what was mostly my personal preference and some general thoughts, doesn't mean they are necessarily correct but it's mostly what i've gleaned from experience. With fleet sizes this small I think you're better off with a more aggressive approach to logi numbers (or even spider tanking when brawling) as it makes you look more engage-able overall and lets you put more dps/utility on the field as opposed to straight reps. Again though it is personal preference. What's most important is a willingness to learn and adapt, which seems to be a characteristic of yours (as well as basic knowledge/skills which you've shown).
  11. Rythen Risalo

    Personally, I'm not a fan of the Orthrus as a mainline DPS ship. I just don't like rapid lights in general for anything except for anti-tackle, and even then I think a beam zealot or ONI does well in this regard. Also, 2 logis for a 10 man gang is quite conservative, but forgivable. Personally I would go with either 0 or 1 logi, but I think 2 is okay as well. I think the gang would also benefit from a Keres, but with 2 logi I suppose it isn't necessary. Ideally, you would also try to kill more than just tackle by trying to split or stretch the enemy gang. In terms of links, you would probably want a triple link Bifrost or Stork (I think these are a thing, and at worst you could do a double linked one). For the brawling comp, are you max tanking the legion? If so, I think this is a bad idea as you are dedicating 1/6th of your dps ships to probing (and probably a bit of ewar). I think the Brutix Navy could work as your mainline dps ship, although I haven't really ran through the fitting. You again have two logi, which I think is okay in this case. However, as you're going to be brawling, your logi are going to be your squishiest targets by far, and if they die you are entirely fucked. Additionally, I'm not sure if it is a good idea to be warping around in armor tanked battlecruisers trying to catch a kitey fleet. By the time you land and lock them anything relatively fast should be out of web range. That being said, why would you use a HIC bubble when you could easily just use your DIC to bubble and your HIC for focused points? Finally, you are probably going to want armor links on either a CS or spread accross your Brutixes (although I'm not sure if a link will fit okay on these). In fact, you would probably be better off using Eos or Astarte instead of the Brutix Navy Issue as your mainline ship here. As a final task from me, can you generate the fits for the Orthrus and the Brutix Navy Issue that you plan to use for these fleets?
  12. Rythen Risalo

    List fleet compositions for two 6-10 person gangs: The first is a kitey nano pussy gang. The second is a real-man's brawling gang. Furthermore, explain your general engagement strategy with both gangs as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each. edit: Also, overall the app looks pretty good. Answers to questions are decent and SP is okay. I want to also reiterate on the above points: 1) Scrap training link skills on your main while you are lacking more important skill such as AWU V (extremely important), medium t2 weapons (very important), BCs V (more for sleipnir but all are useful). Recon V and HAC V are also useful but less important (Recon V being the more important of the two). Otherwise skills look pretty good. 2) Get your APIs in ASAP. You're not going to be able to do shit without APIs. You will also may need to remake a forum account to match the name of your character exactly, although I'm not sure if this is completely necessary (you may need to talk with the IT dudes if accepted).