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  1. Adan Dimaloun

    Thanks for the ping about the api deletion bug. That aside, if you're up to date on APIs then one may apply at one's earliest convenience. Mentioning the USTZ surely counts as an extended penis reference by itself, albeit one somewhat limited in scope?
  2. Boris Dunks

    @Boris Dunks I cleared your alts.
  3. FlyingBlood

    @flyingblood welcome to Butte Country. Feel free to apply at your earliest convenience and please don't be part of one of your voucher's extended and particularly vivid weeddreams.
  4. FlyingBlood

    Normally at this point I would say "send me your APIs" but instead, "thanks for the APIs".
  5. somnolence

    i fuckin KNEW it
  6. Sunber

    Don't you ohdear me this was your idea, doc.
  7. Sunber

    @sunber Your proffered bribes of pints have tempted me: apply to Bat Country. Delete all non-PL apis avec toute vitesse. Delete your list of characters in your OP.
  8. Sunber

    Still checking dumb apis soz m8
  9. Sunber

    He has a million APIs this one has some way left to go.
  10. Sunber

    This is how the schism begins. And to think I always thought it would be the Great Anime Divide.
  11. Sunber

    Blackwall tunnel
  12. Sunber

    Now now let's give him a chance to clear his name of the weeb thing. That's a mighty big accusation to throw around. Also he's Scottish so I don't care if he is a spy.= that's just how it goes. You know it, I know it and the dreaded Black Hand knows it.
  13. app

    wow bat country overlooked again
  14. app

    i know we shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth but i do worry that this application is so well-tailored to the applicants that it might in fact have the fingerprints of THE BLACK HAND all over it
  15. Morbidia Endronica

    wow less racism please p.s. get it right the high school anime girls cosplay as scots