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  1. Jankos Sabannfuhrer

    Yes. 2nd class in taste, and also tactics. We can see this if we look back at the American war with the British. They wore redcoats presenting a bright target and stood in a straight line while waiting to be shot while the Americans hid behind trees and rocks only exposing a small amount of their bodies to danger. Also, on a cultural level, they produced Elton John. Penif is right.
  2. Jankos Sabannfuhrer

    So what your saying is, you would want some euro skank to chew your food instead of a hot kpop star? disgusting.
  3. Jankos Sabannfuhrer

    If your body were a ship, how deep into structure would you be from all these down votes?
  4. Judy Mikakka

    Man. Are you serious? That makes me feel great man. Im not gonna live life the same way anymore. What some thought was trash, I suppose others view as a masterpiece that it really was. Thanks again.
  5. Judy Mikakka

    Thanks, now my shameful A&C which was a rice face picture of one of the Hansen brothers (plz don't find it and re-post), seems like the Mona Lisa, compared to this shit song.
  6. Just Fearless

    Blast, cant you just hate him a little? Are you feeling ok?
  7. Searbhreathach - app

    What Blast said.
  8. Searbhreathach - app

    I've been very busy but I'm gonna attempt to stay up on things. Hey faggot, your a jerk. Stay away from my blessed corporation. Queer.