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  1. Claire Ijonen

    @Claire Ijonen thank you for taking the time to apply to Sniggerdly. Unfortunately your application has been unsuccessful at this time. We wish you well in your future endeavours.
  2. Cazzik Returning

    Get someone trusted to voice confirm you are who you say you are and post here.
  3. Gerbert Kruger

    Quoting for posterity
  4. hey fuckers

    Get someone to voice confirm you @Dirk Action
  5. returning from valhalla

    Aight Sluggard glad to see your still alive.
  6. Gerbert Kruger

    Going to end this right here. @Gerbert Kruger the answer is no. The reasons are thus, 1. You have no vouch 2. There has been no effort made in your application even allowing for English being your second language. I would suggest you try Sniggwaffe if you join the channel in game 'Join Sniggwaffe' and speak to there recruiters do some time in waffles get to know some PL duders and maybe you can get in that way or stay and have fun in waffles you wont regret it.
  7. JetStream Drenard

    Can you fly a T2 Apostle? If not how far away from being able to fly and own one are you?
  8. Back from my Walkabout

    Welcome back, get someone trusted to confirm you are who you say you are and one of the recruitment team will be in touch.
  9. William Westmere-Returning

    Get someone to voice confirm its you.
  10. Karede

    Hey, So have no vouches or any links to Snigg/PL so there is Zero chance of you getting in here right now. I would suggest going to Horde trying Sniggwaffe. As Lorren Canada says above join the in game channel Join Sniggwaffe and speak to those guys.
  11. Creyn Hawk

    Yeah get some one on OG with you to confirm its you via voice. Once we have that one of the recruitment guys will be in touch.
  12. Candide Madullier

    @Candide Madullier get someone to voice confirm its you and get them to post here. You should have OG comms.
  13. Eragon Alseen Old Gaurd BOS

    @Grath Telkin dude team have been on it for 14 hours.
  14. Eragon Alseen Old Gaurd BOS

    Your post formatting is fucking terrible. How about your tidy that up a bit so its more readable.
  15. Get someone in good standing to confirm it's you on voice comms @sixofone