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  1. Brinn Yerdola

    Brinn Yerdola - application

    I am really sorry, but I always try to don't die shamefully. I like to come back, because I was there when we helped the goon move out from the north. Now it is time to help tham again. Two years ago, I had to leave Pandemic Legion. I had a big hungarian fellowship, started from HUN Corp. When a friend of me gone (in 2016), I tried to help the hungarian community keep togeother in the "Free Gates Coalition". Later this community is formed "We want your isk" and "The commonwealth". Now they stopped playing or moved to The Bastion. It is against with my mind, so I looking for a new home. Because of the game we did, I had experiance only with small scale pvp. In PL, I got the chance to use my supers, and I was really thankful. It is nice to fly with the small stuff, but I also like to be part of something big. The big fights determinated by the big ships.
  2. Brinn Yerdola

    Brinn Yerdola - application

    Thank you. The honourable mention motivates evryone. Old fellows makes family, like me. There is already a small group of tham in Fountain (We want your isk), and continoue to nettle CFC. We can count on tham.
  3. 1. How long have you been playing eve? Since 2005.07.26 without intermission. 2. What is your main character name? Brinn Yerdola 3. What are the names of your alts even those you plan on keeping out of NESW? Lylith HUN, sztahanov, Ghaanima, Michelle Rodrigez, Jasmine Zydrineeye 4. List any references you may have. References within NESW/Pandemic are recommended. Otherwise list somebody well known in game that will tell us you're not a spy/thief/retard. Arkale Dark 4.1 WILL YOU BE A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE AND NOT FIT LIKE ALLIANCE + FC TELLS YOU TO? No 4.2 WILL YOU BE A COWARD AND JUMP OUT YOUR SUPER WHEN OUTNUMBERED 6 TO 1? Never did. 4.3 WILL YOU GET MAD WHEN CALLED BAD WORDS 10 TIMES A DAY? I am married. 5. How did you hear about us? Proud ex-member. 6. What type of ships can you fly? All of tham too. 7. Which country are you from? Which languages can you speak? Hungary. Speaking english. Little German and slovakian. 8. How many skill points do you have? With Brinn: 208 567 994 627 atm. 9. What do you like to do in EVE Online? Shoot the imp and legacy. Seriously. 10. How old are you (real life age)? 35 11. Do you have a working microphone? Ofcourse 12. On average‚ how many hours per week do you think you play? 15-20 13. Do you have any long term goals in eve? If so‚ please share. Be part of the war. 14. What's your current corp/alliance and why are you leaving them? The skill urself. I like more PVP operations Before: CO2, I like more successful PVP operations. 15. Which alliances have you been a member of? TELL US THE STORY OF YOUR EVE CAREER‚ FROM NOOB CORP UNTIL TODAY skill urself CO2 The commonwealth We want your isk Pandemic Legion Free Gates Coalition HUN Reloaded The klingons Southern Cross Skunk Works Axiom Empire The Sphere Confederation 16. What FC experience do you have? Small scale PVP 17. Give us a link to the killboard you currently use. If you don't use one‚ point us to a public one that might have some stats on you 18. What days/times are you most likely available for an interview on TS? EU Evenings 19. If we asked you to bring a RR BS / LR HAC / Armor HAC to a gang‚ what would you bring and what would you kit it with? What the FC needs.