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    Yingzi maelian

    Bonjour Yingzi I'd like to know what would happen if you join BDCI (as we're part of PL), are you going to continue to sit in Delve and do the same thing you have been, or will you actively deploy with the alliance instead. I'd also like to know why you left French Connexion., as you've mentioned, you're a French speaker and whilst I wouldn't ever try and dissuade a player who speaks another language, I know that a lot of groups actively seek out other players who speak the same language for sake of ease. The final point is in regards to BDCI's internal attitude, we are very much a family and share A LOT of our day to day lives with each other, we know RL names and where people live, we share triumphs, failures and everything inbetween - whilst I can understand not wanting to reveal everything about yourself on a public forum to a bunch of nerds you've never met, would you be happy to share those kind of details with us, should you be accepted. Cheers Rath
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    Any Dudes Around That I Might Know?

    Never give your main away, it's too much of a monument to the work you've put in and your individuality over the years.