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  1. Avery has finally had a stroke trying to raise dys0n standards. A good try.
  2. I apologise for my not fantastic material. Its just hard to remember to create new content for recruitment threads for a corp when you never see their members.
  3. Excellent someone else to not log in at all.
  4. You formatting of fits should mean you get denied immediately, if this were a just world..
  5. Do it like your mother and not use a bite at all
  6. Rab is an ok man. also this
  7. Is there anything Steve can't do?
  8. So a perfect fit for useful country
  9. In vino veritas.
  10. This comparison doesn't work, people care about Northern Ireland.
  11. Everyone makes mistakes. Look at your parents for instance
  12. Sheep don't get jealous dude
  13. @Fortune tell me how you would fit a FAX. The fit must pass blast x's approval
  14. I always knew you were shit