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  1. Murtific

    I like your app a lot and your responses are ++ to me. Let's talk about some bomb ass fishing though man! I live in Alaska so fishing is kinda a way of life here. What fish do you catch? What brand of rod and reel do you prefer? What lures/bait do you use? What is the biggest fish you've ever caught and what is your proudest catch? You will be highly judged on these answers.
  2. Murtific

  3. Unthrown Brick

    Lmao, good shit. +1.
  4. Unthrown Brick

    Is that really a thing?
  5. Chester Paterson

    Everyone and their mothers knows crepes are where it's at anyway.
  6. Tajic Kaundur

    I'll give you something rich bby 🍆💦😫
  7. Tajic Kaundur

    We already took in @Daemon Belial We can't afford anymore hits to our reputation.
  8. Tajic Kaundur

    No drug addicts allowed, app rejected. Go tro rehab and get clean and then you can apply again. Thank you for your time and effort. Edit: Sarcasm, before you get actually sad thinking you were rejected.
  9. Tajic Kaundur

  10. Tajic Kaundur

    If given the chance to come between @Bel Dian's and @Vladimir Khurelem's beautiful and amazing relationship, would you? And which one would you steal to be with yourself?
  11. Tajic Kaundur

  12. Tajic Kaundur

    Euros in CYNOU are honorary 'muricans, you're fine man.
  13. Tajic Kaundur

  14. Tajic Kaundur

    Holy shit dude. Well fucking done. +2 now.
  15. Tajic Kaundur