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  1. I'll give you something rich bby 🍆💦😫
  2. We already took in @Daemon Belial We can't afford anymore hits to our reputation.
  3. No drug addicts allowed, app rejected. Go tro rehab and get clean and then you can apply again. Thank you for your time and effort. Edit: Sarcasm, before you get actually sad thinking you were rejected.
  4. 🤔🤔
  5. If given the chance to come between @Bel Dian's and @Vladimir Khurelem's beautiful and amazing relationship, would you? And which one would you steal to be with yourself?
  6. 😘😘
  7. Euros in CYNOU are honorary 'muricans, you're fine man.
  8. Holy shit dude. Well fucking done. +2 now.
  9. +1
  10. Apostle alt in the middle of the list, below dread alt? Bruh, you trying to fail? Only thing keeping you in this is your rorqual change swift meme. To redeem yourself: 1) On a scale of shit to super shit, how bad are Rokos' questions? Would you answer any question asked of you on this app, no matter how awful? 2) Is grammar important to you? 3) Are you gaypwnd or am I gaypwnd or are we all gaypwnd?
  11. Lol because anime is a joke I get it 😂😂 ++
  12. Inb4 spy for goons actually after our valuable weeb stash
  13. Can you accept his app already tia.
  14. If you don't do Let it Go I will be quite disappointed in you.