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  1. I'm not in HABIT, but I can confirm that this is, in fact, Moistlate, First of his name.
  2. Beffah


    I remember this name. Hi.
  3. Beffah

    John Xadin's Application

    My final question: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Seeing as how you are now of Canada, I would like this in haiku, with mention of a moose.
  4. Beffah

    John Xadin's Application

    @John Xadin @Doomchinchilla I can change this if you'd like. John, are you a shit-stirring mongoloid? What is your response to such activities?
  5. Beffah

    Blinky Jimmy

    Doom I love you bae, and I just don't think Blinky is going to be a fit for your corp, recalling what I can remember from when he was with Waffles. You know if I actually am posting in one of these damned things I mean it, so -1 from me too.
  6. Beffah


    No vouch, no go. If you're serious about getting more into PVP, I'd recommend Waffles, Pancakes, or Horde as a starting place and then reapplying when you've gotten your name out there/proven yourself.
  7. Beffah

    CCP got me again

    There is only one man who can sound so defeated when coming back to EVE. I actually got on OG (I know, I know) - its him.
  8. That's my line. Also @Otto Bismarck vouch also. Pre-emptive welcome back.
  9. Beffah

    Got room for an old Permashitter?

    Hop into whatever channel @Mr Rive is in and he'll check <3 e: he's doing some AT testing atm, so just find a channel and chill, he'll come to you. ee: also put APIs into the killboard.
  10. Beffah

    Got room for an old Permashitter?

    Hey Nunu - long time no see. First things first, hop onto OG mumble with someone who can verify that it is actually you, and then we can go from there.
  11. Beffah

    Moltyr Caligno

    Since Cheebs, who normally handles applications of this general variety, is gone to FanFest, I will take the hit for the team and roleplay as the bitter European nerdlord. Do as Dirk says and spend some time in Waffles. They're the best place for you to learn right now, if you are serious about progressing. (Also screw you Dirk for F5ing this faster than I did.)
  12. Beffah


    Trebuchet is far superiour.
  13. Beffah

    DJ LeadBoy

    [5:19:38 AM] OG Mudbean: beefah [5:20:09 AM] Henry/Dysphonia: literally dingoGS I lied, that's a fucking antivouch to hell and back.