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  1. Azis Troyanov - Application

    Application Accepted - thread is now locked.
  2. Azis Troyanov - Application

    Having met and hung out with him irl, I can confirm his age is accurate on his app.
  3. Azis Troyanov - Application

    I asked for a meme Levi fit and I got one - I'm happy with the answers.
  4. Azis Troyanov - Application

    +1, and confirming that vouch. Cool dude who grew up a lot in EE, definitely a good addition to the corp. Always ready to volunteer for shit or go for a roam, and great fun on the milos. Question Time (I like Pyfa questions, sorry not sorry): Make a solo fit for a cerb that would hold up well with no backup to save it's miserable existence (good choice on worst ship btw) Give me a good solo pvp Levi fit You have 30 identically fit sub caps to hand out for a birthday roam - you didn't have to pay for them. What ship and fit do you pick?
  5. I have no idea what I just read. Hi?
  6. Pumpenshop24

    Application Accepted - thread is now locked.
  7. Pumpenshop24

    Hi thing, I'm Phynix, nice to meet you
  8. Pumpenshop24

    Oi what is this cunt? As for the answer, good job @Pumpenshop24 - your lack of appreciation for the god-tier Levi concerns me though +1 for app and answers - I think you'd be a great addition to the corp. +1 for pretty colours, even for questions asked below the app, I like that you put the extra effort in.
  9. Pumpenshop24

    Pretty good app, well done. Not sure if John's vouch counts for or against you, but Orion is backing that up so I'll accept it Questions Time! 1) You have a lot of shield cap toons - if you weren't in / joining a group that preferred one or the other, what tank type for caps/supers/titans would you pick for personal use and why? 2) What do you think of John's Reddit posts? 3) The following killmail is linked to you. What is the correct response? https://zkillboard.com/kill/62595852/ 4) Do you have any plans to acquire a super/titan? If so which and why is it the Levi?
  10. Traya Anylis - App

    I left this open a couple days to see if we'd get a response, any answers to questions or justifications. Given OP hasn't responded to questions in the thread and for concerns already mentioned I'm rejecting the application.
  11. Traya Anylis - App

    Ok, going to post again seeing as you've updated the application. First, thank you for posting the fits and fleshing out some answers. Unfortunately it's still a -1 from me, though I'll explain why so you understand the reasoning. 1) You posted fits, but didn't talk about them. We specifically wanted you to show your knowledge of how they work, why they work, and to understand why you made the fitting choice you did. 2) A lot of the answers feel very low effort. Go take a look at apps elsewhere on the PL forums, people go into a lot of detail. 3) I will say your fits aren't bad - there's a couple things I don't agree with, but no one ever agrees fully. 4) Your answers about the Hype were pretty good, could do with detail, but got the point across. 5) The major theory issue I have is the Nyx question - your answers boil down to "wait for someone to save me," because nothing you wrote would get you out of that situation or facilitate it. To be clear, refitting won't help against a HIC, hey have infinite points. The only way to get away is to turn the point and bubble off somehow. That's not a solution - something like "refit to web/paint/neut and try kill it" would do something about it, but refitting alone isn't going to help. In summary: Points for trying and redoing parts of the app despite the trolling - I was impressed you didn't rage quit over the comments in the thread. However, as much for your sake as the alliance, I don't think you should join. The type of content and the necessary knowledge is probably not what is suited to you, and you wouldn't enjoy it. The lack of alts is of great concern to me, and it's pretty much necessary to have combat alts around here. Similarly, lack of KB and knowledge of caps/supers is a problem. As I said earlier, I was impressed you made the effort to com back and fix up the fits despite the trolling, but I really don't think the alliance is a good fit for you even if the app has no issues - I genuinely think you'd have a better time in another less skill and sp intensive alliance that is more focused on blops specifically. EDIT: I was asked to give you a chance, so here goes: Please answer the following: You mentioned having many good yarns to share. Tell us one. Link me a Triage fit and explain your fitting choices in detail. Then explain what you would do if you were emergency triage for a fleet that was 1 gate jump out of your range, with their triage halfway through cycle and in 10% of whatever tank type it uses. You mention T3s are your favourite class of ship. Why, and how would you use one? You are fitting the Pilgrim fit you mentioned and notice you don't have a second Web. What do you replace it with?
  12. Traya Anylis - App

    Redo the application, this is a complete joke. Questions and answers are the same colour, you've skipped some questions or provided non-answers (e.g. "How do you make ISK?"). The ones you have are incomplete or dumb. POST FITS FOR FUCKS SAKE Actually give details, not shitty throwaway answers like "I'm an asset to the team."