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  1. Phynix Kautsuo

    Saitek Intakinio

    If you can provide the following (with a detailed explanation on their use and the reasoning behind each fit) I'll consider +1 ing you: A bridging widow (explain how/why you would use it as well). An RR bhaalgorn (along with how you'd fly it) A Komodo Finally, in what situation would you use a Dagon, and how would it be fit. Oh, and how the hell have you managed only 234 kills in over a decade? My Levi toon which is literally just a bridging pos princess that has never jumped into a fight has a third of that in only a few years. Explain?
  2. Phynix Kautsuo

    Bodewhin Schwarz - Returning Vera. Player

    @Ordo GArr it's the Aussie origin story