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  1. Narcotic XIII

    Lads, where is NESW? Times have changed?

    I rememberrrrr 😄 I get wrong certificate or password when i try to connect to mumble?? when i try to edit my password it says please login to forums. I have applied to the NESW group, can someone accept that? Cheers
  2. Narcotic XIII

    Lads, where is NESW? Times have changed?

    @Dancul1001 Thanks man, next time i'll do it right. I think about coming back to eve sometimes, then i realise everything flies through bubbles 😄 Totally don't believe that ander and shadoo are around any more, alas. Those were the days. ARMOR HAC'S!!! o7
  3. good evening lads, i hope all the old names are here, i hope jeffraider is still high as fuck, grath still murders homeless people when he's feeling generous. i'm trying to log in to the teamspeak but i'm getting the cold shoulder from the web interface, most likely due to internal retardation. how are you all? Narc