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  1. Overman


    She aight.
  2. Overman

    Arestes' application

    @Hedliner ☹️
  3. Overman

    Arestes' application

    Answer #11 and post a doggo photo.
  4. Overman

    Arestes' application

    hmmm... I know Arestes from HAX. I had no issues with him. But, HAX. was also super chill and didn't ask much of their members. Snigg does, so you should definitely put more effort into the applications questions and the separate questions other people ask of you. Only question I have is are you going to vouch Jarack or Jarack's old crew in here when you get your chance? Cause Jarack is a huge piece of shit. A lot of his friends? Huge pieces of shit. This question goes beyond my issues with him. People in here aren't going to stand that level of toxicity. Outside of that, I'm inclined to +1 if you're going to be active and stuff. If you post Killboards, that will be a big indicator and helpful for you to sell yourself to others here.
  5. Overman


    So uhh. No vouch?
  6. Overman


    -1 no vouch