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  1. Ben Schoenfeld - Application

    how do you compare to ben nagaki?
  2. #2

    will you be loyal to the alliance?
  3. Brohamo

    try a rorqual
  4. Sae Marr

    I would say that the correct answer to #1 is "anyone who does not wear boat shoes"
  5. Jankos Sabannfuhrer

    I'm so glad CYNOU has a genuine interest in HABIT recruitment.
  6. Jankos Sabannfuhrer

    +1 for jan, he's a good irish euro nerd
  7. Application - Vladimir Khurelem

    Vlad's a good man, he's done some great work for tishu and I think he'd fit in well with PL/Cynou. +1 from me, for what it's worth.
  8. Dantesi Cadelanne application

    Serious question here. Taylor Swift or Iggy Azalea.
  9. Judy Mikakka

    Posting before thread hits 5k views
  10. Judy Mikakka

    Yup, I still feel he'll be a valuable and chill person to have in corp @Dacil Arandur
  11. Judy Mikakka

    Judy's my vouchee blastx
  12. Judy Mikakka

    Are you ok Blastx? Do gay people trigger you?
  13. Judy Mikakka

    Because habit #1
  14. Judy Mikakka

    Confirming vouch for possibly the gayest euro I've ever met