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  1. Crafty Beaver

    Arestes' application

    Thank you for fixing your app and answering my questions. Still haven't fixed the typo in the second line of your initial post but whatever. The turnaround is good. +1 from me
  2. Crafty Beaver

    Arestes' application

    Your formatting kinda sucks. You don't give links to your killboard or an eveboard. You don't even bother listing out any alts you have (I get not listing spy alts but come one) then we get to the actual questions, which you either don't answer or seem to half ass it. So first and foremost from me, is like to see you go back and fix your app. Write me a story on how you got here, what your favorite thing to do is, your favorite fight. I want to get to know who you are and right now all I've got is what corps you've been in. When you've finished fixing the app I have some additional questions for you: 1. What is your favorite meal to cook? 2. Theorycraft a fleet assault frig, a solo armor roaming ship, and a battleship designed to fight in nullsec. 3. What's the story/stories behind the two nyxs you gave away? P.S. you might want to fix the name of the corp you're applying to at the top....