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  1. Hendrick Tallardar

    Lysus Application

    Pretty good. Please show pictures of it up close.
  2. Hendrick Tallardar

    Lysus Application

    Lysus is a chill dude, gonna vouch as well.
  3. Hendrick Tallardar


    Who owns Dokdo?
  4. Hendrick Tallardar

    Sae Marr

    That painting is beautiful. You have my vote.
  5. Hendrick Tallardar

    Sae Marr

    How can we expect a top notch A&C project from you if you refuse to use any of the text colors for your application?
  6. Hendrick Tallardar

    Jankos Sabannfuhrer

  7. Hendrick Tallardar

    Jankos Sabannfuhrer

    This is why Euros should be treated like the second class citizens they really are.
  8. Hendrick Tallardar

    Jankos Sabannfuhrer

    Just to add to everything else Tara just said, this isn't a thing that is exclusive to PL. Horde uses caps, and supers, as does Waffles even pre 2.0. So again, you're really coming off as another Tsubutai, and he's the idiot who couldn't even make a cake.
  9. Hendrick Tallardar

    Jankos Sabannfuhrer

    This was, from what I've been told, exactly the case yes. So I'm just a bit more confused now, that a guy quit Waffles because he says they weren't doing a thing that Waffles were in fact doing at that time. Or at least in the process of setting up.
  10. Hendrick Tallardar

    Jankos Sabannfuhrer

    So what specifically didn't you enjoy? You've yet to answer that clearly other than "things changed and I didn't like it" but won't go into exact/specific detail.
  11. Hendrick Tallardar

    Jankos Sabannfuhrer

    What I'm saying is, you sound like another Tsubutai in that explanation.
  12. Hendrick Tallardar

    Jankos Sabannfuhrer

    This doesn't really answer my question too well. Did you bother adapting to the changes or did you just refuse to adjust to the new things? Did you try working through your issues or did you just up and leave in a huff? I ask this as you appear to have done the latter and why would we want someone like that?
  13. Hendrick Tallardar

    Jankos Sabannfuhrer

    Describe in specific detail what you "didn't enjoy" about Waffles 2.0
  14. Hendrick Tallardar


    Huzzah. Kismeteer is a good dude.
  15. Hendrick Tallardar


    I hope you know how to make a cake.