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  1. For most inquiries, your first port of call with recruitment questions should be one or more of our recruiting team. They'll be able to either answer your questions outright, or point you to the right person promptly. If you have a particularly sensitive question (i.e. something related to espionage) or if you cannot reach a recruiter, contact a Director and they'll field your inquiry as quickly as possible. Recruiters @Kat Ayclism @Liara Enith @gazarsgo @Haimee Khema @CorryBasler @jack1974 @Rahne Chocolate Directors (Start at the top of this list and work your way down) @Dacil Arandur @Oh Takashawa @Forlorn Wongraven @Velonad Tyldamere @Bjoern @Nanobot @Elise Randolph