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    I have and will continue to. Just want to say thanks for the application review and that I'll return a better pilot and person then when I submitted this application. Look forward to the future. o7
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    Understood, thank you.
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    I have had other alts in the past that I used for the corp/fleet benifit. This included probes, logi, tackle, eyes, boosts, cynos, and extra guns. " I think Zach/Lunariia are spot on here. Show that you can do what you say you can do if you are serious about wanting to join up. Edited 23 minutes ago by T-B0NE If that's what needs to be done then I am all for it. My only question is then why can i not show all these things while being a member of Waffles?
  4. Gallente Rebel

    In my opinion no. I applied and was rejected. I respect that decision but not knowing why it was rejected entirely prevented me from fixing everything that was wrong with my first app. So sending a new application wouldn't have done anything for me. So I readjusted and tried again.
  5. Gallente Rebel

    You're right, saying and doing are very different. I know how to multi box with caps and I am active to do so. Only reason it's not already done is because I am at work. Or it would have been fixed when the issue about the caps was brought up
  6. Gallente Rebel

    1 alt can currently. I can have 4 more by tonight if needed.
  7. Gallente Rebel

    I have the means to make these things happen. Just a matter of acceptance before I commit the ISK to do so. That's like saying 'sell your house and move to a different state while we review your application'' Minus the vouch ofcourse as they are earned.
  8. Gallente Rebel

    The past inactivity was for my previous deployments during the year. We had limited internet somtimes, but not much down time. I have since gotten out of the military and I have the desire to put the time and effort into being part of the family.
  9. Gallente Rebel

    smve criminal We became friends after my application to NOX. We don't need to be in the same corp to be friends. Being in the same alliance would be just as good in my opinion.
  10. Gallente Rebel

    I applied to NOX and it was rejected. I then took down my posts. As to the 'why' I can't say for certain other then I may have given off an incompetent vibe.
  11. Gallente Rebel

    Application Form 1. List all of your characters, along with eveboard and zkillboard links for each one. Let us know if any of the characters are bought. Main Gallente Rebel zkillboard eveboard Cap/Fax(training)/Industry Parthena zkillboard eveboard New Addition - Injectable - Currently on Nag skillplan Diana Daalia No killboard exists, yet eveboard Other toons on the accounts are just placeholders with no value until I need them, also if anything is missing that is required and I am prepared to inject my alts into whatever is needed. 2. Why are you leaving your current corp? I left SNOVA because I was tired of the drama, the back and forth arguing, and because of the direction the alliance is heading in general. I only let a few close friends know I was leaving and then dropped my main, then my alt a few days later as I was still moving assets. I'm sure there is some bad blood with a select few but not because of anything I did In-game. RvB was just to shoot some flashys with a couple friends while I sorted some personal stuff. I held a small event for the new year and then left. 3. Why do you want to join Waffles? I want to join Waffles because I want to be apart of something meaningful with people who enjoy the game. An active and social experience that keep me involved and happy. 4. Do you know anyone in Waffles and/or is someone vouching you? I spoke to a couple about the corporation and I have a friend in PL not in Waffles. However I do not know anyone in Waffles that I am aware of. 5. What do you enjoy most in EVE? I love to PvP, it gets my heart going and adrenaline pumping. I enjoy going on fleets and Blops runs. Really I think it comes down to almost everything can be enjoyable with some good bros. Except PI. 6. Give an overview your EVE history (what have you been doing/who did you fly with most). I originally started with a friend of mine. I jumped right into everything I knew nothing about. Then over a bit of time found myself wanted to do many different things at once and failed at all of them until I started reading and watching videos. My first 0.0 experience was with Trojan Trolls. Lets say I was not ready, nor prepared for anything in null. I tried multiple times with them in different alliances and still was not ready for it. At the time I was also back and forth with the military getting moved around and what not so I never stayed to long anywhere. I then found myself with more very good friends of mine busting about and learning new things. Shortly after I joined a merc corp "Addicted To Chaos' and had a lot of good pew with these guys. Even had EvE Uni write a piece on an engagement I spearheaded. You can read that here A Tengue to Far, The cake is a Lie Getting better and better I found myself in Faction warfare. That was a great experience and helped me understand a lot living in lowsec. Then after a bit more messing about with friends I joined SNOVA. I was there for a few days shy of a year. I had a tremendous amount of laughs and good times, with some bad. I made several good friends and for the most part am grateful I was able to be apart of that. Unfortunately it just wasn't working out toward the end of the year and I left. I can explain better if need to but I won't bash them. 7. What country are you from, what languages do you speak and how old are you? FL, USA English 25 8. In what time zone are you most active? EST US My most active times in EST & UTC respectively 0700-1400 & 2330-0300 EST 1200-1900 & 0400-0800 UTZ 9. What makes you stand out from your average F1 monkey? I can press so many more keys then 'F1' I can even use most of them in specific order and sequence. I can multi box quite well, I make it a point to try and be on as many CTAs and OPs as I can with what is needed, not what I want. I can make sacrifices and do what is needed in order to fulfil the needs of my corporation and my alliance. 10. How do you make your ISK? Mostly rating & DED sites while in null. Lately haven't made much except for the loot from kills. 11. Can you fly any caps - if so, which ones? Nyx Hel Moros - T2 Siege & Guns Nag Anshar 12. Do you play any other games or have other hobbies? I enjoy flying droves and taking pictures of some nature. I also enjoy a bit of metal and wood working. I play many other games on PC and Xbox. 13. Post fits for one of your favourite ships from each of these categories: Solo, Small gang, Large Fleet, Blops (You can enclose them in spoiler tags to save space). Solo [Loki, SplatRocks] Syndicate Damage Control Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer 50MN Microwarpdrive II Domination Warp Disruptor Domination Stasis Webifier Domination Stasis Webifier Pithum A-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field Gist X-Type Large Shield Booster Thukker Large Cap Battery 425mm AutoCannon II Corpii A-Type Small Energy Nosferatu 425mm AutoCannon II 425mm AutoCannon II 425mm AutoCannon II Corpii A-Type Small Energy Neutralizer 425mm AutoCannon II Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I Loki Core - Immobility Drivers Loki Defensive - Adaptive Defense Node Loki Offensive - Projectile Scoping Array Loki Propulsion - Wake Limiter Warrior II x5 Republic Fleet EMP M x2255 Hail M x1405 Republic Fleet Phased Plasma M x2500 Nanite Repair Paste x68 Barrage M x1765 Agency 'Pyrolancea' DB7 Dose III x1 Agency 'Hardshell' TB7 Dose III x1 Improved Blue Pill Booster x1 Small Gang [Vexor Navy Issue, SexyBeich] Damage Control II Medium Ancillary Armor Repairer 1600mm Steel Plates II Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II Drone Damage Amplifier II 50MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive Warp Scrambler II Stasis Webifier II Medium F-RX Prototype Capacitor Boost Small Infectious Scoped Energy Neutralizer Small Infectious Scoped Energy Neutralizer Small Infectious Scoped Energy Neutralizer Small Infectious Scoped Energy Neutralizer Medium Trimark Armor Pump II Medium Trimark Armor Pump II Medium Anti-Explosive Pump II Hobgoblin II x5 Hammerhead II x5 Ogre II x5 Cap Booster 800 x8 Nanite Repair Paste x108 Large Fleet [Machariel, Machariel] Damage Control II Centum B-Type Energized Explosive Membrane Centum A-Type Energized Thermal Membrane Centii A-Type Adaptive Nano Plating Imperial Navy 1600mm Steel Plates Imperial Navy 1600mm Steel Plates Centum A-Type Energized Kinetic Membrane Warp Scrambler II Warp Scrambler II Phased Muon Scoped Sensor Dampener Remote Sensor Booster II Gist A-Type 100MN Afterburner 800mm Repeating Cannon II 800mm Repeating Cannon II 800mm Repeating Cannon II 800mm Repeating Cannon II 800mm Repeating Cannon II 800mm Repeating Cannon II 800mm Repeating Cannon II Heavy Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer Large Trimark Armor Pump II Large Trimark Armor Pump II Large Trimark Armor Pump II Hornet EC-300 x5 Bouncer II x4 Republic Fleet EMP L x2039 Barrage L x3192 Tracking Speed Script x2 Optimal Range Script x2 Republic Fleet Depleted Uranium L x295 Republic Fleet Fusion L x369 Targeting Range Script x5 Scan Resolution Script x1 Republic Fleet Nuclear L x981 Republic Fleet Phased Plasma L x3250 Blops Panther, *^w^ Twinky Syndicate Damage Control Imperial Navy 1600mm Steel Plates Centum A-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane Centum A-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane Imperial Navy 1600mm Steel Plates Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer 500MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive Dread Guristas Warp Scrambler Domination Heavy Stasis Grappler Federation Navy Stasis Webifier True Sansha Heavy Capacitor Booster 800mm Repeating Cannon II Covert Jump Portal Generator I 800mm Repeating Cannon II Dread Guristas Cloaking Device 800mm Repeating Cannon II Corpum A-Type Medium Energy Neutralizer 800mm Repeating Cannon II 800mm Repeating Cannon II Large Anti-Explosive Pump II Large Trimark Armor Pump II Warrior II x5 Vespa EC-600 x5 Gecko x2 Navy Cap Booster 3200 x6 Hail L x2440 Navy Cap Booster 800 x5 Republic Fleet Phased Plasma L x2500 EDIT: May have fudged the HTML spoiler code because it doesn't look like it posted correctly to me. So i posted in plain text until i can figure it out.
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    Learning from PL would have been great but I understand. Thank you for the review. If there is anything I can do to change the outcome of this app just let me know. o7
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