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  1. Nonoko Chent-Shi

    Via forum.
  2. Jos Patat

    Via forum.
  3. Zelden Aurilen

    Via forum.
  4. Jos Patat

    Please can you group your characters into account groups if they aren't already separate.
  5. Zelden Aurilen

    You don't have as many kills in Tri as I was expecting. Do you feel that is a product of the environment, real life, state of eve etc and do you think that will change if you were in p3ak?
  6. Vaun Iskan

    You seem very low on SP. Caldari (Ferox), Gallente (Brutix Navy), Minmitar (Sleipnir) Battlecruiser all to lvl3, Battleships 4 (Alliance fleets), HAC 4, Recon 4, Ceptor 4, poor missile range skills. Jump skills but only for a redeemer. Do you plan on flying Logi in the meantime or are you looking to inject?
  7. San Hollo

    What kind of retard would misspell a Star Wars character for their eve name.