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  1. @Hendrick Tallardar thanks for the memories
  2. Jos Patat

    From memory you used to scan and probe a lot on your main. Are you prepared to skill or inject an alt into entosis and probing skills asap? Also can you talk a bit more about your small gang experience? What would you say is your strength?
  3. Nonoko Chent-Shi

    Can you elaborate on why you think that Cynabal would compliment that small gang?
  4. Zelden Aurilen

  5. Vaun Iskan

    If we are recruiting then I would recruit you. If we are not recruiting then I would not recruit you. Nothing, I repeat, nothing Paldave says will increase your chances. You need a rapier alt. Tell me how much you like poodles and the transcendent calm that washes over you whenever you see s picture of one.
  6. San Hollo

    I understand what you are saying. But imo this is not an either/or situation. Even if we know you (and there are a couple of others in your situation) its still not unreasonable to expect that person to meet our requirements and put in a decent application.