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    That the Goons are still around. To solve it we must kill the Mittani.
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    Even if that's true I'll still take my bolt action. Just something about it screams freedom.
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    Who doesn't like Monster Trucks? Nothing to hate about watching things get destroyed.
  4. Personal Info: 1. Membership in our illustrious space guild mandates a vouch from an existing member. Who is your vouch? How do you know them? If you do not have a vouch, the door is behind you. Gremk, Matt Jaker, Milandinia I have flown with all these guys on and off for awhile through a few different alliances. 2. Why are you leaving your current corp? Why TRIF? My current corp has died and the previous players have moved on. I used to fly with the guys in TRIF and when my own corp was quiet would hang out and go on roams with them as well. 3. Can you speak English? Also what’s your timezone? Yup, USTZ. 4. Link your PVP character's eve boards and zkill page so our members can judge them. Label them please. Shooter89 Mainiac IV 5. How many hours do you play in an average week? 15-30 hours, depending on how my schedule lines up. 6. Are you someone who hangs out in comms and socializes with the community? Yeah I hang out in comms quite often. 7. What do you think of the "ping warrior" style of play? That's fine too, as long as people are responding for fleets. I like to stay logged in when I'm active. 8. Are you a content creator? Show us some examples of what you have done. I help scout and look for targets in cloaky hunters when nothing else is going on. 9. Give us a brief history of your eve career exclude the boring stuff please. My first real experience started out in nullsec with a group of guys in eHarmony. When that corp died I followed some corp mates into wsapce and low sec and flew with them through a couple of corps as those each died. Then I went out to null and joined NC. and flew with Nex Exercitus and got some of my first capital fleet experience in there. Once that corp folded I left and rejoined my friends in eHarmony till they decided to leave the game. A few old friends asked me to come join them in lowsec flying in the alliance DT. Once that group started to go down we joined Rolled out and went through a few alliances ending up in Shadow Cartel. When they decided to leave SC, a few friends and I decided to stay and joined the Executioners. I have flown with them every since but now they too have folded. 10. How do you support your eve career financially? A little bit of market trading, running missions / ratting, and if need be I can always buy some PLEX. 11. TRIF is first and foremost an EVE online corporation, but we play other games together as well. What other games do you play besides EvE? I play League and some PUBG. Game Knowledge: 12. Make 3 fits for us: a fleet T3C of your choice, a solo pvp frigate of your choice, and a Victor. [Confessor, Confessor] Adaptive Nano Plating II Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II Heat Sink II IFFA Compact Damage Control Imperial Navy 200mm Steel Plates 1MN Afterburner II Initiated Compact Warp Scrambler Optical Compact Tracking Computer,Optimal Range Script Small Focused Beam Laser II,Imperial Navy Gamma S Small Focused Beam Laser II,Imperial Navy Gamma S Small Focused Beam Laser II,Imperial Navy Gamma S Small Focused Beam Laser II,Imperial Navy Gamma S Small Trimark Armor Pump II Small Trimark Armor Pump II Small Trimark Armor Pump II [Federation Navy Comet, Federation Navy Comet] Damage Control II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Small Ancillary Armor Repairer 1MN Afterburner II Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier J5b Enduring Warp Scrambler 150mm Railgun II 150mm Railgun II Small Transverse Bulkhead II Small Transverse Bulkhead II Small Transverse Bulkhead II Hobgoblin II x6 Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge S x1000 Spike S x1000 Caldari Navy Iridium Charge S x1000 Javelin S x1000 Nanite Repair Paste x50 [Victor, Victor] Domination Nanofiber Structure Domination Nanofiber Structure Syndicate Damage Control Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer Thukker Large Shield Extender Republic Fleet Warp Disruptor True Sansha Stasis Webifier True Sansha Stasis Webifier Corelum A-Type 50MN Microwarpdrive Covert Ops Cloaking Device II 200mm Railgun II 200mm Railgun II 200mm Railgun II Medium Auxiliary Thrusters II Medium Core Defense Field Extender II Javelin M x240 13. Which 3 AT ships are the best? Why? Adrestoa: Because Gallente and I've always loved this ship model. Imp: Because of the name and lasers. Utu: Because it would be good for jousting and again Gallente power. 14. The Legion is in pursuit of a gaggle of inferior nerds, you are in a dictor; how do you slow them down without dying? Work on getting a head of them and drop a bubble if the FC is okay with the gate being bubbled. 15. You and 100 of your closest friends are in a machariel fleet and are engaged in sexual combat against another machariel fleet, a handful of ships in the opposing fleet yellow box you. What do you do and why? Just a handful of people yellow boxing and no one shooting? Nothing, once a majority start to yellow box then you start to broadcast. 16. Your friend has a carrier tackled in nullsec with his interceptor; what do you bring to help him? Grab the best tackle ship you have and go assist in holding the carrier till more friends can arrive. 17. Your corp mate solo drops on a Merlin with his Redeemer and proceeds to get tackled and is taking gate gun damage in low sec, how do you respond to his pleas for help? Depends on how good of a fight / response there is to saving them, otherwise laugh. Miscellaneous: 18. What is your squad ranking in PUBG? Top 44.3% but I haven't played much since the last reset. 19. What was the best country of WWII? USA 20. Ronald Reagan once said "America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere". How has the United States of America made your life better? By allowing me to own firearms. 21. Attach a recording of yourself reciting the following (You don't have to do this if you have a recruiter, director, or CEO vouch): "Mrs. Puggy Wuggy has a square cut punt, not a punt cut square, just a square cut punt, it's round in the stern and blunt in the front, Mrs. Puggy Wuggy has a square cut punt." 22. If you were selected as a last minute substitute in the AT for a Bhaalgorn with an MJD what would you focus the most on while flying? I would mostly focus on my positioning and making sure I don't burn out any webs... 23. What is your least and most favorite firearm? Favorite: If we're talking any firearm a M249. If we are talking something I own, my .30-06. Least: I will shoot any firearm handed to me, however I'm not a big fan of black powder rifles in general. 24. What would you be doing right now had Al Gore not invented the internet? Sleeping which is what I should be doing anyways. 25. A Canadian asks you if 'ya wanna fuckin go out fer a rally tally er what bud.' How would you respond and approximately how much maple syrup should you bring? Would respond by saying "Just out for a rip are ya bud" Always bring as much as you can carry.