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  1. hazed by the terrorist known as @DJ Aldard
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    wh corp Looking to Join PL

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    -1 I've flown with you on a couple of occasions and I can't say I've had the best experiences. You're a good friend of mine and I respect you as a person, please don't take anything I say personally as it isn't personal. It's just my opinion of yourself as a player that I have gathered from my experiences with you. I simply don't think you would make a good fit for PL. I've been on a handful of fleets with you, and you still strike me as somebody who has little game & pvp knowledge. Whenever we've been roaming, whether in a small or large fleet, almost every sentence out of your mouth is "where are we", "where'd you go", "what are we doing". It's okay to an extent, but honestly, for the couple hours I've roamed with you it genuinely drove me insane. The only impression I've got from flying from you is that you're a guy fresh out of BRAVE with a lack of pvp knowledge. I've seen how you fly first-hand and been told by others, and I can't say you're at a level of skill appropriate for PL. You have plenty of characters & assets, but I'm not sure you have the skill or experience to back it up. I don't even want to talk about the whole Titan/reddit thing but I feel the need to comment on it. You leaked an unedited recording you were specifically asked not to by several people, that doesn't exactly bode well considering your history of opsec awareness. You got several people in trouble because of it and it was just a bad situation I hope doesn't happen again. You acted incredibly rash doing most of that situation, going against our advice and then messing it up. Everybody deserves a second-chance though, so I don't think that should be your main barrier for joined CYNOU, I'm just really worried you'll sperg again and end up leaking a load of shit intentionally or unintentionally. I know your personality well, and I know you speak against it, but it is kinda spergy most of the time. (I'm the same though!) And as an actual question: Explain how this happened and what you should have done instead to avoid losing it, be detailed.
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    You've applied to several different alliances/groups recently, why are you just now applying to CYNOU after being denied from everywhere else? Seems like you're just applying to any group you can find with no respect or loyalty to any of them.