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    Lupus Cinereo

    Do understand: I want nothing more than for you to come back in a few months with proof that makes us all eat our words. Unlike Goons, TNT, and your former affiliates, I don't see ruining someone's experience in eve as anything to be proud of...or something to brag about. The more sharp players that develop, the more good fights happen. So take this criticism and go fix your issues. Not once has anyone said you can't reapply. We has just said you're not qualified at the moment. Seriously.....give Horde a try. Those fuckers are really good at provoking fights around the clock.Come back after you get the grasp of things again. I assure you I will remember you.
  2. Renwault

    Lupus Cinereo

    That really just tells me that you're not experienced enough for Sniggerdly, at the moment. We are the mother corporation of a sovereignty holding alliance that specialize in PvP. All the krabbing offered is just a courtesy and should be viewed as such. We are also extremely proficient with subcapitals, capitals, and supercapitals in all flavors. Not utilizing zkillboard is a huge red flag as it is vital to knowing your enemy. Hedliner expects us all to be able to get out of situations when the opportunity presents itself and not needlessly feed kills. From what I see about you, you don't have that understanding as of this writing. Yes, you have said you've FC'd 160 jackdaws....but I haven't seen any proof of this claim. And I don't know a CEO in the game that would awox one of his FC's Rorquals. All of us in this thread were able to gather the biggest part of your history within a few minutes of reading this post. Combine your CFC affiliation, non-use of the game's premiere killboard, admitting to buying your character, and the fact that I had 4 times as many kills in January as youve had across the lifetime of all of your characters and tell us again why Sniggerdly should accept you? I was somewhat pleased to see that you are looking at Total Mayhem, as that corporation is a ton of fun, but I worry that your insistence upon krabbing opportunities might spit in the face of the current member base that have have taken it upon themselves to generate income.
  3. Renwault

    Lupus Cinereo

    You dont have any provable PvP experience. It's like you're dodging questions about your history. You don't need access to goons forums to provide killmail links. All you need to do is sit down on zkill for a few minutes and go through your losses til you find one that is memorable for a reason. As I appreciate your effort, I would normally refer you to Total Mayhem, as that was my route into the greatest, and most ruthless corporation in the game. But I don't know how much fun you would have there appears to be a language barrier. I could be wrong though so don't take my reply as my concrete stance on your recruitment. I'd just like to see you work and get some experience. It's widely thought that Pandemic Legion is chocked full of elitist assholes who take any opportunity to belittle those who aren't one of us. But nothing is further from the truth. So, I'll page @Diehard Siand see if he thinks you could benefit from Total Mayhem. That would also give you time to skill up you mining alts into something useful other than reaping the benefits of our space without risking your assets protecting it. I like the enthusiasm but I'm giving you a solid -1 for Sniggerdly, for now.
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    Lupus Cinereo

    You said you rage quitted in 2017. You have twitch videos from 2018. Now you're back with a toon fresh off the market (with a name I cant bring myself to say in the privacy of my own home...let alone, on comms) and a bunch of mining toons and a krab toon. You've FC'd jackdaw fleets and are visibly scared of Wibla. So... 1 - I want you to post a lossmail, or battle report, where you totally fucked up and lost a completely winnable fight, or got your fleet whelped. I also want you to describe, in detail, what you learned from that experience. 2 - I want you to provide a properly formatted EFT fit of any t1 frigate that should/would shrek a Retribution. Be clever, if need be. 3 - Please provide a killmail link of a successful blops drop on a high value target. 4 - Please create any meme targeting Wibla.