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  1. John Falkner

    likez to return!

    PMd you privately WN ❤️
  2. John Falkner

    likez to return!

    Heyo friendo, it's been a while how ya been? Issue here being that since you've been afk for 'bout 8 months~ or so, we'd need you to do the application form and post ❤️ Also, also. Can I ask what got ya to go afk for a while? LOA says nothing, either that or I'm just a baddie.
  3. John Falkner

    My PanFam!!

    Heya @BR00KSY, glad to see a returning waffles. If you've got any questions feel free to pm me and hit me up, though as Aaliyah said you're gonna need to do a full app thread since it's been so long. ❤️
  4. John Falkner

    I want to come back. Again.

    I am, indeed, a lady boi. All done, welcome back Figgles.
  5. John Falkner

    Return of the Butterfly Tramp Stamp

    Because I'd like this thread to be an honest talk about @Flaming Butterfly and whether he can return to corp or not, can I ask you to clarify beyond the -1 and the /thread comment why you don't want flaming back with us @Ramand?
  6. John Falkner

    Christopher Fer

    Jesus this thread got retarded real quick. @Christopher Fer bottom line. You've got a history back at Hoover of absolutely just weeding it up and, from what people like Hedliner has been saying, it's resulted in you fucking up massively. You haven't directly answered why you got removed from Hoover beyond dodging the question and just not acknowledging that some people had issues with your behavior back then. My assumption, and I might be wrong so feel free to correct me on this, is that your level of weed consumption's the same as before, which suggests that if you get accepted into Waffles you'd just be a liability to the team. I respect Brett and I'm keeping his vouch in mind when he wants to bring you on-board but all of this crap coming out of the woodwork, and how this thread's been developing so far, you get why we'd be concerned yeah?
  7. John Falkner

    Christopher Fer

    Hey @Christopher Fer its been a while, how you doing. So im gonna have you clarify cause you didnt really answer dread's question. Why did you leave hoover in the first place? And why are you coming to waffles instead of going back to hoover?
  8. John Falkner

    Sheppey Omaristos

    What's your favorite anime and why is it [Insert Trash Anime here]?
  9. John Falkner


    As this is the Sniggwaffe RECRUITMENT Forum and not the Sniggwaffe GONNA SHITPOST IN PUBLIC Forum, I'm having this locked down. Please try to control yourselves and stop posting here thanks.
  10. John Falkner

    Temptress Truborn

    Alright, thanks for applying Temptress and for answering everyone's questions on the thread, we'll be speaking with you shortly.
  11. John Falkner

    Temptress Truborn

    @Temptress Truborn Okay, here are my thoughts. Everyone that runs incursion groups with you only have good things to say about you which is good, the fact that Coyote is vouching you also falls under my consideration here I find your fitting skills subpar, you've shown only that you can copy what people tell you to fly but not so much with the ability to understand what each module does or why it's fit in a certain way. Considering you said you were on an FC team I find this surprising. Speaking from a personal note, I also find your attitude with losing ships to incursion rats off putting. I understand it was to deal with your kid, believe me I do, but if you lose a similar ship or, even worse, a cap or even a super for the same reason and all I get is "Sorry about that, but I said in my application that I couldn't promise not dying in a silly way." then that's an unacceptable answer. You will get yelled at, ridiculed and, depending on how you would respond to that, purged. However, you've repeatedly maintained a desire to get better, and also that when you'll get called out, told what you'd do wrong, that you'd do your best to respond to criticism. Waffles has always thrived on that kind of attitude, the desire to get better. You've said you've done a lot in eve, played for eight years and while I value that experience, I value even more that you wouldn't bring a big head with you to Waffles. We all start at the bottom here, ground floor crap, and we rise or fall according to merit and our willingness to learn, you get what I mean? So my question to you is ultimately, do you think what I've said is unfair? That you feel insulted or it doesn't sound good to you or you'd rather go somewhere else? That's fine, completely reasonable, if you feel after reading that you won't be a good fit for the corp that's alright. If you say, however, that you do want it, you like what I've said or at the very least you want to prove everything I said in my third paragraph wrong then even better, because I rather engage you and get you to play at your best and prove Coyote's trust in you than for you to die in a very, very silly way and embarrass Coyote.
  12. John Falkner

    Temptress Truborn

    Care to comment on this loss btw?
  13. John Falkner

    Temptress Truborn

    Hi @Temptress Truborn You mentioned an interest in flying special ships, recon, tackle, etc. Any stories you can tell about that? Something you're particularly proud of, or would like to improve about? You also said you have at least some degree of FC experience. What was the most problematic issue for you in fcing? What was the greatest curbstomp you've ever performed while leading a fleet? What was the greatest, crippling, loss you've had leading a fleet? You're in Horde so I think you understand this to a certain extent but will you be able to adapt to our internal corp structure? What I mean by that is we are a corporation with a very strong desire to, in the classic words of autistic fucks everywhere, git gud. We are very open with out language, we are also very open towards expressing our opinions towards someone who has fucked up, exceedingly so to someone who refuses to learn or admit a mistake had been done in the first place. We've had people who, despite looking very good on paper, simply was not a good fit for our internal culture, folding within a week or two because they refused to admit to their mistakes, believed that the corp should adapt to their ridiculous fairy princess bullshit or otherwise just really refused to learn from aforementioned mistakes. Do you think any of those may apply to you or serve as a potential problem in the future? If so it's best for that to be addressed now.
  14. John Falkner

    Back, Want to Come Home

    You broke my heart Rejuice. I don't think the wounds can heal that easily.
  15. John Falkner

    I'm back

    Sent you a forum message, been a while Rony ^^