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  1. Ilya987 Solovey

    ironically she wants to go to canada.......
  2. Ilya987 Solovey

    Your wife insists on buying a horse and theres nothing you can do about it...what do you do?
  3. Ilya987 Solovey

    Dont listen to brad, hes more shit than the irishmen we have in this corp atm, however in the small chance ips even lets you in you will make the 2 of them look like fucking gods. Thanks for that.. Im american, im sorry.
  4. Dephar Arcarnum

    I like this guy, dont worry about what nex said...
  5. Dephar Arcarnum

    Do you swear that you would not leave this corp for a more autistic one like other traitorist mongoloid fuckheads who cant hack it did? If so then your good with me. also i want a haiku about largely breasted males. go.
  6. Blot'vardy'vard

    So much love for you right now.
  7. Blot'vardy'vard

    Ok i went to far with what i said when i was drunk. TLDR fuck off and die somewhere. your app is garbage.
  8. SkippyTheWonderTard

    i hope a huntsman bites u in the asshole next time u go take a shit
  9. SkippyTheWonderTard

    I know im not nesw but i just want to say this guy is a vomplete shit cunt. @Methamphetamine can probably agree. No seriously skippys a good lad u wont be dissapointed with this aussie cunt.
  10. Rythen Risalo

  11. Rythen Risalo

    Thia fuckhead still hasnt answerd my question. Deny
  12. Rythen Risalo

    What is the approximate depth of brads moms vaginal canal? Keep in mind flamie has been dippin the burrito in there quite often. Ty.
  13. Shoki Kugisa

    he forgot about me but thats fine hes a cunt to begin with...just what we need here!!! im vouching him! good lad.
  14. Roland Cassidy

    Big thing to say coming from the guy who got complimented for having a fantastic penis from my fiancé !
  15. Roland Cassidy

    Write me a haiku about George Zimmerman.