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  1. Yingzi Maelian

    Yingzi maelian

    hi Rath, "I'd like to know what would happen if you join BDCI (as we're part of PL), are you going to continue to sit in Delve and do the same thing you have been, or will you actively deploy with the alliance instead. I'd also like to know why you left French Connexion., as you've mentioned, you're a French speaker and whilst I wouldn't ever try and dissuade a player who speaks another language, I know that a lot of groups actively seek out other players who speak the same language for sake of ease." -> if i join BDCI i will do my best to be corporate and play with people. i was on delve to play in HoneyHunter fleet, was simple and fast way to pvp with other people which i didnt know and i like to do new contacts. PL or not it's not really important cause it's just an opportunity to do big fight in supers and titan but its not the most important. -> if i join you will can count of me i'll just need to know where and when i must be and i'll move as soon as possible. -> i'm a native french speaker yep that's right but english is not really a pb i'll maybe get some issue like "i dont get that" or sometimes need to repeat something but tbh i leave in english country and speak english during all of my day, if i can work and live with it i can play with too i guess and maybe you'll wanna to learn some french word for your "girlfriend" XD "I'd also like to know why you left French Connexion" : -> cause i dont have the same point of view about the leadership. I spent a lot of time with them tried to bring something new but french people are mostly, not always, really lazy and dont wanna "learn" to be better, i was really disapointed by them and about the leadership wich like to consider their members like shit or like isk maker. For them nothing is important, they like give up easily and when challenge is here, everyone escape the fight. ZaGrim is maybe the better guy i ever seen in FXR cause he is fun and like do crazy thing, my only one regrets haha -> i was upset to continue to hear "Trasher fleet" or "talwar fleet" when our allies was in cerberus / T3 / everything more skilled. "The final point is in re´╗┐gards to BDCI's internal attitude" ( i cut the rest ) well once i will be accepted i will enjoy to explain more about me and will not let you without any of information but i dont wanna to let them "written" somewhere. o/
  2. Yingzi Maelian

    Yingzi maelian

    1) Tell us about yourself in game and out of game. -in the game : i done a lot of different corp, started in 2009 and done a long break of eve online for personnal reason i was back in 2011 and tried to find a pvp corp. i done noob corp at the begining and in 2014 i started my life in 0.0 with Babylon Knight and gone to Teutates Raiders after BK closed for few years. I leaved to join in 2017 Volta and after the DRF fight i leaved to find something smaller and easier to follow cause my job took a lot of time and that was impossible to play as was required. so i join back teutates raiders in for the fight on the west. Few month later they moved and i didnt want to follow so i leaved and i join a corp done with a friend. During my life in teutates raiders i managed some traps against initiatives and initiatives's renters, with the help of LSH we got supers, rorquals and some other caps around 100b kills during this event. we tried a fight in delve aswell but was not really successfull and loss 200b dread only. during my unexpected corporation life we organized an other trap in querious and an other sorry for the cyno MRKWA ^^ but we got 20b of dread so was no the expected but was not so bad. -in my real life : i can't really speak about my job the most important is : i work a lot and i work for an US company in irland. -my life : ******error 404 page no found******** classified******* psssshtttttttt******* 2) Describe what you enjoy in EvE and what your looking for in BDCI. -i dont really prefer something than an other but i like small gang and pvp with brain not F1 clic. -i like to play with player stronger than me to learn and try to catch them and finish front of them -In Bdci i expect respect, integrity, fun and i expect to not be exclued cause i'm french speaker. 3) Elaborate on your interests and experiences as a gamer. -As a gamer mean other games i suppose... well i like competitive games and like to win so each time i find a competitive game i try to catch the highest lvl -I love survival, i love strategic games like stelaris if u have culture :p or "starcraft 2" if not xD 4) Provide time and dates when you are active in eve and available for TS interviews. -all of the rest of the week .... yeah i know my job is cool xD 5) Include killboard and Eveboard links for all characters. i'll put here all of my "pvp" characters but not my titan pilot and super pilot cause for know its not in my head to apply them here ( not the isk to buy titan and super tbh ) https://zkillboard.com/character/963535547/ : Yingzi Maelian, since early of November i was in training on sisi its the reason of the KB. https://zkillboard.com/character/1405381454/ : 4xtch one of my alt pvp https://zkillboard.com/character/96511506/ : shiro, an other one https://zkillboard.com/character/2112234054/ : azi an other one 6) You will be sent a link for a full scope of your ESI by a recruiter. i dont know what is this chicken but okay as soon u need but i can fly everything. 7) Become a ninja - Post pictures in your template. obviously i'll never leta picture of myself, i'm a ninja. PS : i'm pretty sure all of this post is not necessarry and maybe your template is just a big jokoe ( MRKWA i hate you ! xD ) but i played the game.