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  1. To the members of Body Count Inc.: Hello. My name is <snip>. I am a 38 year old Civil Engineer who lives in Oklahoma, USA. I am married with two teenage sons, used to be in a band, play several instruments and have been brewing my own beer for over a year now. I started playing online multi-player games in 1999 with Unreal Tournament, continued on to Unreal 2004 and then to MMOs with Guild Wars and World of Warcraft. After getting annoyed with World of Warcraft and after quitting several times I decided to seek out another MMO and after several short lived game experiences I came across EvE in early 2015. Life has gotten busy but I have been playing EvE on and off ever since. I started playing on my main character, O’neill Jack, and joined a null sec corp, “Running with Dogs”, which was part of the Stella Nova alliance in February 2015. The corp was very helpful and educated me in null sec living and combat. I stayed with them for about a year and when life got busy I left the corp to purse a more casual play style. After a while I joined a small null sec corp called “the 57th Overlanders Brigade” who moved from null sec to W-Space. The corp was not very active and I lost interest and stopped playing for a while. Throughout all this I created a couple of alts to assist in EvE with my primary ISK earner through High Sec Incursions being Hero Called Jayne who joined a couple of high sec mining and incursion corps. I also started another account with the primary character being Duke Morrison an industrial alt who can fly Orca and Rorqual. The corp all of my characters are in, Shoot Away My Ping Is 2k, is a personal corp for just my characters. The open sandbox nature of EvE has kept me coming back, and the realism of the game has lead me to believe EvE has the best concept for a game on the market. I have enjoyed the casual aspects of high sec industrial production and incursion running, but I miss the fast pace and risky aspects of living in null sec. I am hoping to resume this style of play by joining Body Count Inc. and hopefully find an in game family with which I can spend a long time playing. I am typically active on weekdays from about 7pm to 11pm central standard time USA or 1:00 to 5:00 EvE time. On weekends I am active from 7am to 11 am or 13:00 to 17:00 EvE time and sometime in the evening from 7pm to 11pm or 1:00 to 5:00 EvE time. These are also the time I am available for a TS interview. Below are zkillboard and Eveboard links although the only one with anything interesting on it is O’neill Jack since that is the only character on which I PvP. I really only use three of my characters in any significant capacity. My other three characters are only used for researching blueprints and cynoing for carrier and freighter jumping. Main Account O’Neill Jack (48 Mil Skill Points) http://eveboard.com/global/pilot/O%27Neill_Jack https://zkillboard.com/character/95259495/ Hero Called Jayne (34 Mil Skill Points) https://zkillboard.com/character/95334453/ http://eveboard.com/global/pilot/Hero_Called_Jayne Play2lose Camper (477k Skill Points) https://zkillboard.com/character/95388353/ http://eveboard.com/global/pilot/Play2lose_Camper Secondary Account Duke Morrison (18 Mil Skill Points) https://zkillboard.com/character/96212824/ http://eveboard.com/global/pilot/Duke_Morrison George Washington McLintock (468k Skill Points) I don’t think this character has ever lost a ship and is not on killboard http://eveboard.com/global/pilot/George_Washington_McLintock Cahill US Marshall (466k Skill Points) https://zkillboard.com/character/96315171/ http://eveboard.com/global/pilot/Cahill_US_Marshall