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  1. Detria

    Application - Detria

    Good to Go. All accounts/characters linked. We are on vacation in the Smoky Mountains atm so I'll prove hard to reach until next week. Kill Em All, Dee
  2. Detria

    Application - Detria

    Dee is what people tended to call me in Eve for some reason, guess I got used to it. Dee
  3. Detria

    Application - Detria

    Should have checked my EvE-mail first... Tetsuo contacted me with how to proceed... Dee
  4. Detria

    Application - Detria

    Any next steps that I should be taking here? Been in and out of game moving stuff around, so much stuff was in asset safety it was not funny. Dee.
  5. Detria

    Application - Detria

    eveboard does not seem to show skills so I updated this: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Detria & https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Raphaela_Taree Dee
  6. Howdy, I'm Steven; I live in Kentucky, USA (US-EST) and am a 47 year old Software Developer (now Manager) for a large pharma. Those big evil drug companies you hear about in the news, yea that's me. I'm married and have two daughters, both adopted from China, that are nearing the teenage years. They are awesome, but THAT time is fast approaching where I fear that Dad will cease to be cool. My EvE career has been nearly all merc work. I started in 2005 with my main Detria mining a belt alone and thought the game was stupid. I found some friends who introduced me to blowing other people up and taking their stuff and the rest is history. Since then I gained two passions in the game. The first was mercenary work. I found my place with REPO inc.and then Snatch Victory during the peak of the HS war mechanics, before CCP ruined them, tracking and hunting whoever I was being paid to kill that week. After that style of play was nerfed into mostly just Jita camping I jumped around a bit (including a stint in Evol - BoB) until I found Noir. I flew with them out in 0.0 for many a campaign including most recently WWB with MC. I loved every minute of it and found my second passion; logistics. No not the move your crap around part, the rep'ing you and keeping you alive part. After WWB and the apparent destruction of goons (sigh), my playtime dwindled and I eventually left the game saying my goodbyes. Recently, I have been missing EvE and thus my return. I had not followed EvE politics much for about a year and was surprised to find both Noir. and MC closed which has ended me up on BDCI's doorstep asking for a place on the roster among the family that I remember. In my return I'm hoping to find what I left, friends and explosions where ever we go and hopefully a Vegas trip or two until the end of time or EvE. In my real life; family comes first, then work (gotta pay those bills), fun (games and EvE) and my other life's passion: Cycling. If you bike you can find on Stava and then Zwift during the winter months getting my sweat on. My home office also doubles as my pain cave. My gaming is nearly all solo FPS/RPG or Co-Op. Lots of Assassins Creed, Far Cry and State of Decay. I was heavy into Conan Exiles this past year as well. As an NA-EST player my times will be restricted to typically after I put the kids to bed: 9PM EST to the wee hours of the morning if there is a red pen or CTA. I may have been known to call in sick a time or two during extreme time dilation days, but hush... Thursdays are my work from home days and meetings aside I'm usually around all day. As for people that know me, I hope that some of you remember me. Kaputt was even my Secret Santa one year in MC. Anyone from Noir. that made their way into PL should know my name. I am an introvert and I don't speak a ton on comms, mostly a lurker. I show up ready and on-time and shoot the primary and rep the things; it's what I do. I run two accounts now with really only two remaining skilled pilots; my Main and a dedicated loggy alt, my third account is still mothballed with a character that I was constantly training and then sucking out her brains to sell for ISK. Over my 14 year career I have "trained" some 20 or so characters, played them, kill with them and then sold them. Any character in the game with the last name of Taree probably had its start on one of my accounts. Below, I have listed my active characters: Detria - Combat Main 152 mil SP http://eveboard.com/global/pilot/Detria https://zkillboard.com/character/833641779/ Raphaela Taree - Loggy alt 64 mil SP http://eveboard.com/global/pilot/Raphaela_Taree https://zkillboard.com/character/92275688/ and lastly my Ninja pic. I picked one of my Road Jerseys for my shroud and the pose: well as I'm trying to come back from the dead; I hope it speaks for itself. KILL EM ALL, Dee