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Posts posted by Avery Lewis

  1. 4 hours ago, Ben Schoenfeld said:

    I would think a corp would accept me for a few reasons. One being if you look at my KB again you'll see that when I was playing I playing more than anyone else in the Corp. Consistent mails almost everyday for a solid a year with a few exceptions. Also, I'm active duty Army, there have, and will be times where I am in the field or on a mission for weeks sometimes a month or two at a time. Obviously I can't control that, good news is there is no deployment in my foreseeable future atm. Now, if you examine NC.'s KB you will see in Primetime USTZ there is not a whole lot going on aside from a couple dedicated dudes out there soloing, mainly because SYNDA made up the majority of that TZ. I did consider staying in NC. but I am good friends with my corpies so I was willing to at least try to give GL a chance but  as soon as we joined there were problems internally in the leadership and I came to the realization that I don't want to build a new alliance, I'd be much happier being a line member in an already established one. Also, not a whole lot was going on aside from occasional Pete fleets  and Roams with Yuengling who I presume you are referring to and by time that started happening I had already made up my mind to leave. 


  2. 1 hour ago, Ben Schoenfeld said:


    Why would any PL corp accept you without a vouch when you haven't logged in in two months, except to lose a cyno Heron two days ago when you began looking for entry into PL?

    Do you realize that you'd have a much better chance of joining any group in PL if you say, went on a few of your alliance roams, and met some of the PL guys who fly with them? And if you liked NC so much, why don't you just rejoin NC where you apparently know people (which I find hard to believe because everyone who wanted to stay in NC from SYNDA found a soft landing in pretty much any other NC corp.)? 

  3. 2 hours ago, Michael Oskold said:

    pretty sure i left but okay, if you say so. (narrative)


    ive held loyalty to avrse and avrse always. i risked all i had built with pl as far as friends and contacts to protect the guys i loved (no homo) who are now coincidentally in this alliance now. I enjoyed my time in pl and would have stayed if my reasons for being there weren't what they were. 



    once a leakboi, always a leakboi, doesn't matter who's cock you had in your mouth while you did it tbh