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  1. God Bless the USA
  2. join horde or waffles
  3. will @Krios42 or @Killah Bee vouch for you? how come the people who you mention and who mention knowing you are both from NESW, why not app to there?
  4. send nudes
  5. vouch
  6. its loyalty to the alliance here faggot
  7. what is our opinion of hedgehogs
  8. BRING BACK @Feawen
  9. 1/ double nanofibers, can you think of an improvement 2/ Why Medium Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender and not a republic extendr 3/ double hyperspatial rigs really? any thoughts on improvement 4/ Can you see any future problem encountered with having 20dps? 5/ stiletto isnt the best interceptor do you know which one is? that osprey fit
  10. what is your favorite interceptor class spacevessal and why? include fit
  12. elect pres, fuck, marry @Sumo Sabezan
  13. drones > guns > boosts smallgang: finding frags, tackle, probing, multiboxing | fleets: eyes, cynos, not being dumb | comms: i dont key up my inner monologue ron, carathas, jeronica, various random ppl throughout my playtime, exwaffles having fun & getting frags snorlax, he's chill bigboi, but really fast (???pokego) imrad ((get it)) yes, short, nuke, god bless