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  1. dj aldard

    If cynou were to merge with one other PL corp, which one would you hope it was? Which one would it be? Why?
  2. Gerbert Kruger

    Considering PL is primarily an industrial ship flying alliance now, do you plan to fly a Rorqual?
  3. Madison Madeveda Applicatioin

    Nvm doom cheated
  4. Madison Madeveda Applicatioin

    I'm an effort to help @Rokos McDougal with his question writing. What three questions would you ask a potential recruit? Answer them.
  5. Torrent Rage Application

    @Doomchinchilla suggests a new mmo that could be a nice break from eve in 2017. It says it'll be f2p but you can buy into the beta for $50 to get a head start. What do you do?
  6. Torrent Rage Application

    I want to see how good your boosh skills are. See if you can abduct or rescue a PL fleet during one of our ops. PS. A rescue would be way more hilarious.
  7. Torrent Rage Application

    He also told me he was going on sisi to test specific cyno mechanics with regard to ranges and to get it down perfectly rather than just letting me tell him and accepting what could be and likely would be dumb information from me.
  8. Torrent Rage Application

    Confirming my vouch. Torrent is a good dude and will be a good addition to the fam. Because CynoU was a premier BDO corp for several months and I was one of the only poor Snigg souls there. I know he'll apply the same level of energy to PL that he had in BDO which was a sight to behold. As for his EVE skills, from a few fights we have had with TEST fleets with him already he seems to be pretty much the only competent pilot in their fleets.
  9. Karede

    You talk about an ex. Are you a grill?
  10. Yaolan's Application

    I feel this lacked the passion required for inspiring me to defeat the alien invaders.
  11. Yaolan's Application

    If you get into PL, what will you do when you can't kill Horde newbies with your Jackdaw?
  12. Yaolan's Application

    Pizza taco or taco pizza? What is your favorite mon? And can you send me one at level 100 with optimal nature moveset and item. You're trapped in a room and all you have are 3 keys. What do they open and how do they save you from your current predicament?
  13. Blood Khanid

    No vouch. Too lazy to answer several questions. Stating that you only want to have the PL ticker. I see this app going places.